5 Commercial & Residential Lawn Care Spring Specials You Don’t Want to Miss

Looking for a way to save on your residential and commercial lawn care this Spring? Check out our upcoming sales! We’ll be offering discounts on all of our services, so you can get your yard looking its best without breaking the bank.

Whether you need help with mowing, planting, or cleanup, we’ve got you covered.

  1. The first treatment of the “Fertilizer Plus” Package for $50 ($20 OFF) **
  2. Get your first treatment of the “Works” Fertilizer Package for $100 ($29 OFF) **
  3. Deep core AERATION and FERTILIZATION to encourage the health of the grass and get it looking good for $119.95. $29 OFF for your yard Today when done together! **
  4. Sprinkler Startups! Get 10% OFF the price when you mention this ad.
  5. Yearly Lawn Maintenance – FREE mowing when you sign up for your seasonal lawn maintenance services (Must sign up for a yearly package)

** Offer is good for a 3000 sq. ft. yard.

Lawn Fertilizing Services 

As homeowners, we all know that it’s important to take care of our yards and gardens – but sometimes it can be hard to keep up with everything that needs to be done. Fertilizing your lawn and garden is one of those important tasks that is often overlooked.

Why is fertilizer so important? Well, without it, your grass would be yellow and patchy, your flowers would be wilted and sad-looking and your vegetables would be small and tasteless. In other words, a healthy yard starts with healthy soil – and that means using fertilizer.

Spring is the perfect time to get your lawn and garden ready for the warmer months ahead but if you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to save money. The fertilizer applications will be performed by lawn care professionals using only up-to-date landscaping equipment. Well, here’s a great opportunity!

Sign up with our “Fertilizer Plus” package and get your first treatment for only $50. That’s a savings of $20 off the regular price.

Additionally, you can sign up with our  “Fertilizer Works” package and get your first Treatment for $100 only, both of these offers are good for a 3000 sq. ft. yard. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Deep Core Aeration 

The average suburban lawn is home to an incredible diversity of life. nematodes, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms teem in the thatch layer, while earthworms and other larger creatures churn the soil below. All of these organisms contribute to a healthy lawn; however, sometimes your grass needs a little help from you.

Core aeration can give your vibrant lawn the boost it needs to look its best. Deep core aeration is a great way to improve the health of your lawn. It involves removing small plugs of soil from the lawn, which allows water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots more easily.

This process can help reduce thatch buildup, improve drainage, and encourage healthier growth. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your lawn’s health, look no further than lawn aeration! Our Deep Core Aeration services are available at a special discount for a limited time!

And now, thanks to our special offer, you can get the Deep Core Aeration and the Fertilizer package for only $120. That’s 15 OFF for your yard when done together!

So don’t wait – call us today and take advantage of this great deal!

Sprinkler System Start-up 

Dormant winter weather can take a toll on a home’s or commercial property sprinkler system. With the right preparations, you can ensure your system is up and running smoothly when spring arrives—and avoid any costly repairs down the road.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your sprinkler system started up for the season!

Mention this ad when you have your system serviced and receive 10% off the price. We’ll make sure everything is working properly so you can relax and enjoy your Spring. 

Yearly Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn is crucial, not only for the beauty of your home but also for the health of your family and pets. Maintaining a healthy green lawn takes work all year long.

Many homeowners put this task off until later in the spring or even summer, but it’s important to do it sooner rather than later. By neglecting your lawn, you can create an inviting environment for pests and lawn diseases to take hold.

Annual lawn maintenance will help keep your grass healthy and looking great all year round. Why not let us take care of it for you?

Sign up for our yearly lawn maintenance service and you’ll get mowing for FREE by simply mentioning this ad!

Take advantage of our current lawn care programs and maintenance deals today.

Commercial & Residential Lawn Care Specialist

Our team at Westside grounds can help take care of everything for you. We provide a variety of services, from lawn care, landscaping, sprinkler system repair, weekly lawn maintenance, and gutter cleaning.

Our team is here to help you keep your yard looking great all year round. Contact us at 720-939-2109 to learn more about our outstanding service and take advantage of our current discounts.

Remember, these offers are for a limited time only, so don’t wait!

Take a look at everything we can offer you and contact a landscaping company near me to get started!

Lawn Maintenance

We’ll help you tackle your needs in lawn maintenance. Everyone wants the best possible lawn, but not everyone has the time to devote to doing it themselves even if they have the passion for it. That’s where we come in.

We can provide:

  • Lawn fertilization: We utilize both slow and fast release formulas for nitrogen and phosphorus-rich soil.
  • Lawn mowing: We can take a simple but often annoying chore off your hands and help keep your lawn in shape.
  • Sod install: We can lay the beautiful and vibrant sod of your new lawn.
  • Aeration: Our deep core aeration technique allows important nutrients to get below the surface of your lawn and offer much-needed food and health for your grass.
  • Sprinkler Repair: We’ll repair a sprinkler on the fritz or damage or simply worn out by age.
  • Overseeding: We can help your lawn grow lush and vibrant with over-seeding techniques.
  • Insect, weed, and fungus control: We can keep pests and invasive flora or bugs from ruining your lawn or doing damage to it.


If you’ve invested in having a beautiful lawn, we can take some of the leg work out of keeping it in shape and looking as beautiful as you imagined. That’s why we offer numerous services in landscaping to help you maintain your beautiful lawn.

We can provide:

  • Bed maintenance: Beds need maintenance and attention to detail; we’ll handle keeping them beautiful and healthy.
  • Mulch: Our mulch blend provides amazing color to any yard and offers protection to the flora in your yard.
  • Hedge trimming: We’ll keep your hedges sharp and cleanly cut through our combination of science and art when it comes to trimming.
  • Tree pruning: We use skill and experience to prune trees in a way that keeps them clean and promotes healthy growth.
  • Spring/Fall clean-ups: Fall and spring can leave a lot of residue from fallen leaves or blossoms; we’ll get them out of the yard for you.
  • Holiday decorating: We’ll get those holiday lights and decorations up for you to make your home the most festive on the block. We’ll also take them down when the season is over.

Snow Removal

Denver snow can be brutal and can leave you trapped inside for days. We can provide snow removal services to help you get a handle on the winter while still staying safe and warm.

We can provide:

  • Snowthrowers/blowers: We’ll get the snow out with equipment, making quick work of walkways to get them passable and safe once more.
  • Salting and de-icing: The hazards of ice are among the worst when it comes to winter dangers; we can de-ice walkways, patios, porches, and more.

Hand shoveling: We can do the old-fashioned snow shoveling so you don’t have to do the work. We’ll clean walkways, driveways, and parking lots.

Once winter is over, it means it is time to put away the snowplows and begin worrying about spring lawn projects. Typically lawn care season begins in the spring, which means you will have a lot to take on.

Why the Spring?

Cold winter weather often leaves your grass, trees, and even shrubs extremely weak. Your garden will lack nutrients, and have spent months lying dormant under snow. If you have high hopes for your lawn to come back looking incredible, then you will need to follow a few tips to get started.

Clean Up Your Lawn

Prepping your lawn includes raking leaves, twigs, and other debris. This will prepare your lawn for spring. You can use a rake, but using an air blower will make it even easier. Using a lawnmower is essential when it comes to lawn maintenance, but if there is debris on your lawn, it will get stuck inside of it. This will eventually block fertilizers and other materials from being properly absorbed by the lawn.

Apply Fertilizer and Weed Killer

The early spring is the best time to fertilize and use pre-emergent weed killer. This will feed your grass, but it will also keep down crabgrass.

After six to eight weeks, you should apply both of these products along with more weed killer. If you allow the crabgrass to emerge, it will be an issue throughout the rest of the year.

It is possible to find a combination brand of both pre-emergent and weed killer in one. This will lower costs as well as effort.

Mow Early and Often

Some homeowners believe that mowing once per week is more than enough. Although you want to let your grass grow, you should not let it get too high. If you do this, it can hurt the roots and stunt growth. This will make the grass unable to reproduce. Instead, for the first 7 weeks of spring, you can mow every four to five days. This will depend on the weather, but it will ensure a thick and healthy lawn.

Use a Good Mulch

Taking care of your lawn means continuous care. You must edge your beds, trim dead branches, and also replace the mulch. Using hardwood bark mulches are often better than ground wood chips. This is because they will look better and last longer.

Wait to Seed Until Fall

Although you may want to seed during the spring, it is not the best option. If you are applying any form of weed killer, it will also prevent your seeds from germinating. Instead, you should fertilize your lawn, and wait for any patches to be filled in by new seedlings.

Hire a Lawn Care Professional

Although you can go through all of the steps yourself to take care of your lawn as the spring comes, hiring a Lakewood Lawn Care service is a better option. This will allow you to leave your lawn in the hands of professionals. It will also take the stress out of following the proper steps in taking care of your lawn.

When looking to begin hiring a lawn service company, the best time of year is considered to be spring, specifically early spring. This is because as the weather begins to warm up and your grass will come out of dormancy, you may begin to notice some of what it is lacking. If spring is arriving and you are considering starting a lawn care regime, there are a few steps to take to prepare.

Test the Soil

The first step you will want to take is to have the soil tested. After soil testing, you may need to work to apply weed control before they get out of hand. This is because crabgrass (a common weed) will need to be treated before crabgrass germination, and this treatment may only last up to 120 days.

Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass seeds need sustained temperatures of over 55 degrees to germinate. This is why it is imperative to put down crabgrass control by March or early April. This one application should last long enough to avoid a second application and continue to help avoid a late summer crabgrass invasion.

Lawn Fertilization

Feeding the lawn is essential. Many people make the mistake of over-fertilization. This is typically done by using fast-release nitrogen in the spring. Instead, using slow-release nitrogen allows you to avoid blocking leaf growth. This provides a slow and steady green lawn.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

As much as we would like to avoid weeds at all costs, often they happen. When weeds occur in the early spring, they are typically known to be winter annuals. These weeds are fast-growing, and include:

  • Chickweed
  • Hairy bittercress
  • Henbit
  • Purple dead nettle

Through a mild winter, these will sprout up all over, and anywhere where grass does not exist. It is best to treat these with post-emergent control to avoid their competition with your lawn.

Spring Seeding

Fall time is typically seed time, but if the lawn has large, bare areas, then you may want to treat this. Because seeded areas cannot be treated with weed controls, it is essential to seed as soon as possible. We hope that the grass will not grow with weeds during the first six to eight weeks. Finally, the plan is that the grass will be mature enough to treat the weeds come spring.

Off-Season Lawn Care

Although spring is considered the best time for lawn care, hiring a lawn service when it is a bit off-season can benefit you as well. Especially if you are looking for easy scheduling, or to save a bit on price, off-season lawn care might benefit you.

Hiring a Lawn Care Professional

When attempting spring lawn care, it is typically in your best interest to contact a lawn care professional. If you are looking for a Lakewood Lawn Service we can offer a variety of services. Contact us today for more information.

Winter is right around the corner, and that means it is time to take the steps needed to prepare your lawn for success. Especially when living in Colorado, you never know what the winter will bring in terms of snow, weather, rain, and even sleet. To ensure your lawn’s survival through the winter, take a few extra precautions before the winter fully arrives. This will ensure you have a beautiful lawn once spring comes around.

Use Fallen Leaves

If you use fallen leaves to your advantage, you will be able to provide specific nutrition to your lawn. The only thing you need to be aware of is that they can also hurt your lawn by reducing the oxygen flow to the roots. Take fallen leaves and remove them, but then use them to compost. Leaves can also be mulched with a mulching mower. This will allow you to save work as compared to raking them.

Create a Compost Pile

Similar to what we touched on before, maintaining a compost pipe is great for your lawn and garden. You can use compost for insulation in your garden. This can be done by using leaves, plant trimmings, grass clippings, sawdust, fruits, veggies, and even old food scraps. Try to avoid inorganic materials or any plant life that has been treated with pesticides. Your compost pile may be a great option to protect your lawn or garden during cold months.

Aerate Your Lawn Before Winter

Core aerators can be rented from any home garden store for a low price. But especially if you have cold season grasses, you want to make sure you aerate your lawn before the winter arrives. You should irrigate your lawn a couple of days before you aerate. Then after you aerate the lawn, you can use some of the compost you have created to fill in any holes left behind.

Overseed Before the First Freeze

In Colorado, it is a good idea to overseed your lawn 6-8 weeks before the first hard freeze. This makes fall a great time to seed cool-season grasses. This will also give your lawn a nice boost in the spring, and prevent loss of grass during the winter. If you have a large lawn, you can consider contacting a lawn professional.

Keep Your Grass Low

When you begin to mow your lawn through the winter, you want to leave it short. This will allow you to avoid hosting bugs and other animals on your lawn.

Always Plan Ahead

By planning, you can prevent any damage to your lawn, and ensure it will look great once the frost of winter has melted. It is also smart to either purchase a mower for the spring in the winter. This allows you to get a good deal on a mower.

If you feel like you aren’t sure where to begin, you can contact our Lakewood Lawn Service. We can provide you with lawn care services to ensure the health of your lawn through the winter.

Every season comes with its own set of rules and checklists for your yard. Fall is a crucial time to prepare your yard and plants for winter so they get a good start come spring when growth comes again. There are a few things you should make sure to do before settling in for winter. This includes aerating soil, trimming and pruning, cutting the grass, and other important steps.

We’ve outlined a few of them for you below:

Make Sure to Water

With summer over, your plants may be susceptible to drought stress. Make sure to continue to regularly water them through fall and keep an eye on them as the weather gets colder. Don’t neglect watering plants just because the seasons change, they’ll still need hydration and nutrients.

Aerate Your Lawn

After all the rainfall of summer, moisture can pool in your lawn, even long after the rain has stopped. You’ll want to aerate the saturated soil to make sure the water and nutrients are dispersed and spread to other roots that need it. You can do this simply with a garden fork or use a larger device for a bigger area.

Feed the Grass

While your flowers won’t need more fertilizer, your grass will keep growing well into the low forties which accounts for much of early winter. Fall is a good time to feed the grass so it continues to remain healthy and grow through the changing weather. This also will strengthen the roots for when the new growth of spring comes.

Mow One Last Time

Shorter grass is harder to kill. Make sure to schedule one final mow during the season to get the grass down to just over an inch. Any diseases that come lurking in your lawn will have a tougher time with shorter grass and this will also prevent fallen leaves from collecting too much in your yard with less to catch them and keep them in place. Make sure not to go too short though.

Plant Shrubs and Trees

Fall is a great time to plant new shrubs and trees because it gives the plants a head start to establish strong roots as the season turns. Don’t pack the soil around these plants too tight (avoid the stomping method), let it aerate the same as the rest of the soil, and make sure to water. Nature and time should do the rest.

Prune Your Plants

Branches that are already showing lifelessness won’t last long when winter comes rolling in. If these are larger branches, they could become a hazard in high winds. Make sure to properly trim the dead parts of your plants and get any diseased limbs off an otherwise healthy plant.  Leave these cuts exposed as they will heal on their own.

Look for a landscaping company near me with your questions and let us know how we can help you get your yard ready for the winter months.

Having a beautiful lawn is important, but hiring a great lawn care team is even more important. Before you hire a Lakewood Lawn Care team, you should probably do a bit of research. Even if a lawn care team claims to know how to mow a lawn, you should be aware there is a lot more to lawn care than turning on a mower. You need to make sure you hire someone who knows about soil, pest control, and lawn diseases. There are various services you might be interested in, and a few key things to look out for.

Dethatching Services

Dethatching is also known as power raking. This should be done every few years to have a healthier lawn that is not trapped under thatch. We can also provide services to thatch your lawn as well, depending on your needs.

Disease control

Our trained technicians will evaluate your lawn, and be able to get rid of anything that prevents it from flourishing.

Fertilizer services

Using slow and fast-release formulas at the same time allow us to make sure your lawn is using a perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Pest Control

We use extremely high insect control applications to ensure your safety and to eradicate the pests. Rather than have us come out multiple times for the same job, we get it done properly the first time around.


Lawn aeration helps the roots of your grass to grow deep, and become healthier for years to come.

Mowing and trimming

Although basic, mowing can keep your grass healthier. Not only does hiring a lawn professional take away the chore of mowing your lawn, but it will also allow you to have a thicker and more beautiful lawn.

Lime Application

This is a procedure that helps to balance the pH levels of your soil. When using this substance, typically made from limestone, you can add calcium to the soil and avoid your lawn becoming overly acidic.


Over-seeding provides your lawn with the opportunity to grow thick, and obtain that healthy look you have always strived for.

Weed control

Using a weed control expert is important to ensure the life and health of your lawn. You need to use products that will kill weeds without doing damage to your lawn, your pets, or even your family.


Leaves fall and look messy, but your property does not need to look like they do. We offer to edge for the perimeter of your property, as well as blowing to take care of the leaves.

Sod installation

Sometimes you need to re-make your lawn, and we are the experts at accomplishing that!

Total Lawn Regeneration

This might include sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair, or any other services. To keep your lawn beautiful year-round, you must have a properly functioning irrigation system and a lawn care plan in place.

Be aware of what you need, and what services we offer that can help you.

Online bill pay services are offered by many different businesses. Online Bill Payment is great because it allows you to pay in a contactless fashion, and do so from the comfort of your own home. It also makes it easier to organize your bills and pay them whenever you have the time.

At Westside Grounds Lawn Care, we offer online bill payments to make things easier for you. Rather than pay with cash or check, simply enter your credit card information, or debit directly from your bank account. But, why is online bill payment so beneficial? Let us explain it to you.

It’s Easier

Typing in your credit or debit card information is much easier than pulling out the cash at the bank and bringing it to our lawn care center.

Rather than write a check, stamp it, seal the envelope, and put it in the mail, you can also pay by eCheck. This is as simple as entering a few numbers.  Paying online makes it easy to pay and be done with it.

It Will Make it Simpler to do Your Taxes

Being able to pay for your lawn care service online can be easier to complete your taxes. This is because you can easily view the payment digitally, and have a record of it. Know exactly what you are paying.

Online payments also make it easier to communicate with us. If there is a problem, you can easily contact us before payment.

It is Safe

We use an extremely safe and secure method of processing payments at Westside Grounds Lawn Care Service. This allows us to prevent fraud and other errors. By moving your money through an online portal, you will feel secure that your funds are safe.

Refunds Work Seamlessly

In the case of a refund, the process is extremely simple. Rather than wait for paperwork, you can simply receive your refund in no time.

You Can Pay Wherever or Whenever You want

This is one of the best reasons to use online payment systems. If you are tired, do not feel like talking to anyone that day, or you are working, you can easily pay online.

Whether it is morning or night, your payment schedule will fit with your personal schedule. Pay at your convenience in one place.

It Allows You to Pay Instantly

Never wait for your check to arrive in the post and then clear. Rather than waiting for the money to leave your account, it will do so instantly. It will be much easier to manage your funds because you will be aware of what has already been paid.

Use Auto-Payment

This service makes it simple to have payments come directly from your payment method of choice. Simply authorize a payment method on file and let the payment service do the rest.

There are many reasons why using an online payment service is helpful. Try it out for yourself when paying for your next service with us.

Westside Grounds is Lakewood’s premiere lawn care, snow removal, and landscaping service provider in Denver. We are locally owned and operated out of Lakewood and have been since 1999. We strive to make our customers our first priority through exceptional services and quality of deliverability. We want to be the company you recommend to your family and friends and we do that through our service standards and experience.

We offer specialized crews experienced in the category of service you require. Our vehicles are branded, clean, and state of the art. Our employees are professional and uniformed; we strive to make you comfortable with us in and around your home. We routinely maintain our equipment and provide daily checks to ensure it’s safe and up to code. We guarantee timely responses and strive to get you exceptional and quick service without ever compromising. We’ll provide you with status and quality control reports. Everything we do in our services is to get you the best quality of lawns and grounds possible.

Lawn Maintenance Services

We can provide you with some of the best lawn care options available to you. Some of the services we can offer is lawn fertilization. We use slow and fast-release formulas along side our perfectly balanced mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for the healthiest lawn possible. We provide sod installation to help you build your new lawn from scratch. We’ve got deep core aeration to promote the growth of roots for overall health. We also offer sprinkler care, over-seeding, lawn mowing, and a lot more.

Landscaping and Groundskeeping Service

On the landscaping side, we provide bed maintenance and mulching. Bed maintenance strengthens the cornerstone of your yard to keep it healthy and robust. We offer premium mulch of dynamic color to accent your landscape as well as provide your soil with nutrients and moisture. We also offer hedge trimming, tree, and bush pruning. We can offer you seasonal help for fall clean up and spring prep and gutter cleaning. We even do holiday decorations and remove animal waste. We do it all. If there’s something you don’t want to deal with in your yard, we’re more than happy and ready to do it for you.

Snow Removal Services

Denver means snow, and chances are you don’t want to deal with. Good news is we do. We offer services in snow throwers and blowers. We’ll salt and de-ice your roads and property. We even provide hand shoveling services if you are unable to do it yourself. We’re the premium choice for commercial and residential snow removal and want to help keep you safe and comfortable during the long Denver winters.

If there’s a way we can help you with your lawn care in Lakewood, CO, get in touch with us today. We’ll give you a quote on your project and you can talk to our helpful and knowledgeable staff about how to take the next steps for your project.