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Lawn Care1Keeping a lawn beautiful all year long isn’t necessarily a complicated process but more a process that needs a fine paying attention. It can be easy to keep your grass green and flowers happy all year long if you know the proper care tips and how often to care for your greens. Here are some tips to keep your lawn happy and healthy all year long.

Lawn Care

With the rising temperatures and little rain time to time, water can be a huge determining factor in lawn care. However with underground sprinkler systems, we have a bit of relief. While many of our states hold a certain water ban only allowing you to water on certain days, it can still be possible to make our lawns as beautiful as possible. Just remember that all areas and soils hold their water differently. Various grass types require different types of watering and lawns require irrigation schedule as our seasons change. With that being said, it’s important to listen to your lawn and water is when it tells you that it’s ready. When your grass begins to wilt, it’s time to water. The quantity of water given to a lawn is critical to determining if enough water is applied. Including rainfall, lawns will generally need an inch or two of water per week to truly thrive. Use a rain gauge to determine how much of an extra drink your lawn needs.

Dry Spots

In almost all yards, there can be that irritating “dry spot”, where your sprinklers cannot reach. Make sure to check your sprinkler heads frequently to ensure that your lawn is getting the proper water. If your soil becomes to dry, it can become hydrophobic. This is where the soil where literally repel any sort of water and the water cannot penetrate the soil. If this happens, combine some mild dish soap and water to break the surface and bring back the moisture.

When to Water

The best time to water your lawn is generally early in the morning. Early morning watering ensures that the air is normally calm and evaporation is low. This will allow time to give your lawn the moisture that it needs.

While these are only a few tips, there are many more to know how to keep your lawn beautiful. This can range from irrigation, mowing, aeration, etc. If you have any questions on how to have the most beautiful lawn, contact us today at Westside Grounds to ask about our lawn maintenance specials today!

With summer being in full swing and the temperatures being higher than ever, it’s important to make sure that your lawn is being properly watered! Watering your lawn the right way will ensure you have a healthy beautiful lawn that you can be proud of! Here are a few tips:

Water Sparingly: Now you’re probably thinking, “Well won’t that kill it? I need to water every day to stave off this intense heat!” Wrong. Watering everyday is actually bad for your lawn. If you over water it, it can turn your lawn into a breeding ground for lawn diseases and fungus. Also, letting your lawn get a little dehydrated will strengthen the plant itself and make it more resistant to the world around it. This doesn’t mean let it go for weeks. Just give it a few days in between watering.

Water Deeply: When your lawn is thirsty it will give you signs such as wilting blades of grass, change in color, and lasting impressions from foot or animal prints. When you get down to the watering business, make sure to water deeply. Giving your lawn a nice soaking promotes strong root strength because the water gets soaked up by the roots as opposed to the middle of the plant when you water more on the shallow side. Watering deeply also makes your grass more resistant to things like weeds and natural wear and tear where as shallow watering will help weeds thrive in your lawn.

Water in the morning: Watering in the morning will ensure that your lawn sees more of the water that is given to it. As the day goes on and gets hotter, water starts to evaporate faster therefore if you water mid day much of the water can be carried off to the sky to make it to the clouds when it should be used to make sure your lawn stays green.

Water the lawn, not everything else: When watering makes sure the bulk of it is on your lawn. Watering the sidewalk, driveway, and your cars does nothing but cost money and can promote the run off of chemicals that can be harmful to others and the environment. Make sure your sprinklers are properly placed and calibrated to ensure you get the most water on your lawn as possible.tering in the morning will ensure that your lawn sees more of the water that is given to it. As the day goes on and gets hotter, water starts to evaporate faster therefore if you water mid day much of the water can be carried off to the sky to make it to the clouds when it should be used to make sure your lawn stays green.


Watering your lawn has never been rocket science but it does take a little attention to detail to make sure that you are really feeding your lawn the way that it needs to be fed and keeping it strong. If your Denver sprinklers could use some maintenance, contact Westside Grounds Lawn today. Our sprinkler maintenance and repair services are affordable and effective, and will allow your lawn to look its best all summer long.


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Denver Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

If your Denver sprinklers could use some maintenance, contact Westside Grounds Lawn today. Our sprinkler maintenance and repair services are affordable and effective, and will allow your lawn to look its best all summer long.

With summer right around the corner its important to have your sprinklers in tip top shape so that you can begin giving your lawn the water it needs. There are a few things that can cause Sprinkler Head Repair to be needed. These are:


  • Too much sand or dirt over the top of the sprinkler head which causes it too have to work harder to punch through when its time to water. This can also result in sand getting stuck down in the sprinkler shaft which can lead to it becoming stuck in the up position where it is vulnerable to lawnmower blades, wheels, etc.


  • Gears or other components inside rotator sprinklers going bad which often calls for the whole sprinkler itself to be replaced.


  • When sprinkler systems are first put in they can sometimes be placed too close to the sidewalk or the edge of the yard. This becomes a problem over the summer when trimming and lawn grooming is done as it can get hit my edgers or other tools. This is just simply a matter of moving the sprinkler head over a few inches so it isn’t harmed.


  • The sprinkler is placed too high in the lawn and needs to be lowered. If this isn’t done it can result in damage to the sprinkler head from lawnmower blades and other lawn equipment. It can also lead to leaks in the elbow joint underneath the ground which then can become more than just Sprinkler Head Repair



Sprinkler maintenance is a very important part of being a homeowner. If not done correctly it can result in costly damage or just unwanted pains. When summer is in full swing and your lawn is looking greener than green you will be happy that you took the time to take care of your sprinklers and will know it was the right choice.

Spring is Almost Here!

How To Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Spring, by technicality standards, has actually begun. The changing weather indicates that we’re not far from consistently warm weather, green grass and blooming flowers. If you’re like the rest of the population in suburbia, keeping your lawn the greenest on the block is probably a priority. Follow these five tips and see how to prepare your lawn for a healthy spring and summer season!


Spring Irrigation Start Up

We’re nearing the home stretch as this Colorado winter comes to an end. We all know what that means…here comes the sun! With gorgeous Colorado sunshine, however, comes heat and dry air that can turn our green perky lawns to mere clumps of brown straw where our prized grass once grew…Oh, the joys of drought seasons in our state. Anyhow, spring is the time of year that we spend preparing ourselves for the coming summer months. One of the biggest and most important tasks that most people go through is starting their irrigation systems back up as the weather betters.

Spring irrigation start up begins with a few steps to make things go smoothly, rather than having an epic water disaster in your yard. The winter months take their toll on underground water lines, and through these months the pressures in the pipelines can change.

Here’s the Process

1.) It’s important to ensure that the ground is completely thawed before starting up your sprinkler system for the first time. Use a shovel to check the soil, and then remove one sprinkler head in each water zone of your yard.

2.) Gather extra pipe fittings and other sprinkler accessories before starting anything, as some parts may need to be replaced. Being prepared for spring irrigation start up can alleviate some of the stresses of the process.

3.) Start by letting water fill only the mainline. This runs between the irrigation source and the zones beyond it. Only open the valve about 25% and let the system fill slowly! After this line is filled, continue the same process with each zone following the mainline. Remember to be slow.

4.)   Keep an eye out where you removed sprinkler heads while filling each zone; when the water runs clear and free of air bubbles; the zone has been filled successfully. Now you may replace the sprinkler heads and run each zone for about 2 minutes, letting any air escape that has been trapped in the process. Again, be sure to do these things slowly to guarantee accuracy.

5.) Check your preprogrammed water settings, and once those have been confirmed, you may run your sprinkler system as usual. Open the mainline and rely on your personal settings to make sure your lawn stays green all summer long!

Summer, Here We Come!

Taking these simple steps for spring irrigation start up, you can avoid disastrous water wastes and replacing potentially expensive sprinkler parts!

Denver, Colorado – February 21st, 2012 – The recent Denver snow storm that brought with it 80-100 MPH winds, and which also apparently failed to show itself on the radars of any local meteorologist, has caused quite a pain for many Denver-area residents.

denver snow storm image

According 7 News in Denver, the sneak-attack of a Denver snow storm has caused several Denver area schools to delay their days, or, in some cases close completly due to power outages as a result of the snow and wind. The closed schools are Edgewater Elementary, Stott Elementary, Red Rocks Elementary, Westgate Elementary, Slater Elementary and O’Connell Middle School. Unfortunately for the teaches of these schools, school officials asked them to come in anyways; as if shoveling out their cars wasn’t bad enough! All Cherry Creek schools were on a delayed schedule, which included bus pick-up and class start times.

The road ways were also not immune to the ills of this most recent and violent snow storm. According to CBS 4 in Denver, the thick snow and heavy winds caused a car accident where-in the vehicle involved veered off of the road and directly through the front door of a neighborhood home! The driver of the car which plowed into the local home apparently told local officials that she though she had a green light, but when she entered the intersection she hit another car traveling westbound. This impact cause the driver to lose control and roll into the home.  Thankfully, the accident which occured at 8:30 am of Thursday morning caused no fatalities or injuries.

This most recent snow storm has caused plenty of headaches for residents all over Denver. At AspenValley Services we would be happy to take one headache off of your plate with our professional snow removal services. Please give us a call today!

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Residential Snow Removal in Denver

Are your Denver residential sidewalks and driveways covered in snow from the recent Denver snow storm? Call the professionals at Westside Grounds Lawn today and get them cleared off by the premier Denver residential sidewalk and driveway snow removal experts.

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Why is Clearing Your Denver Residential Sidewalks and Driveways of Snow so Important?

While snow storms in Denver may initially produce that perfect fluffy white powder, that powder will soon turn to packed down ice, which, if left on your sidewalks and driveways, can pose a serious hazard for your family and for any visitors to your home. You have a busy life and don’t always have an hour or two during the morning following a snow storm to grab your shovel and start clearing. However, it is critical that this task gets done. At a minimum, icy sidewalks and driveways can cause slips and falls. In worst case scenarios, they cause injuries to you, your family, and your property. Call the professionals at Westside Grounds Lawn to find out how our Denver snow removal services can make your life simpler and safer.


Our Denver Residential Snow Removal Services


At Westside Grounds Lawn, no Denver residential snow removal job is too big or too small. Our snow removal teams are equipped with all of the tools necessary to complete any snow removal job regardless of the location or scope of the project. For smaller snow removal projects in tighter spaces, our professionals will use shoveling and snow blowing techniques to clear off those hard to maneuver sidewalks. For larger jobs we employ our top of the line plowing and snow blowing equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively.
Furthermore, our teams will de-ice and salt your residential driveway and sidewalks to ensure that you walkways and drive ways remain safe long after they have left your property.

At Westside Grounds Lawn we take pride in our work as Denver residential sidewalk and driveway snow removal experts. We realize that you can’t always expend the time and energy required to keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of snow and ice, and that’s why we strive to always provide prompt and reliable snow removal services at an affordable price.