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In Lakewood, CO it is necessary to remove snow from your driveway, patio, sidewalk, roof, and porch, to eliminate hazards. Westside Grounds is a snow removal company that you will want to book for this winter and you will be very happy you did. We do in fact specialize in more than just lawn care, we specialize in snow removal throughout the front range. Because our snow removal professionals have been serving people in Lakewood, CO for nearly 15 years, we have the skills and understanding it takes to remove the snow efficiently and safely. We pride ourselves on our wonderful customer service experience.

In Lakewood, we can sometimes receive 12 inches or more of snow, which also includes extreme freezing temperatures. Therefore, in addition to plowing your streets, we sometimes apply anti-icer and de-icer to take that extra precaution to keep you an your family safe during the winter months. You can be sure that we will keep you safe since our professional have the knowledge to work with our tools and technology to successfully clear your streets.

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We make customer service a priority, and part of that means getting the job done right the first time. If mistakes happen, we will do anything to make it right-no exceptions. Check out what our customers are saying about us at the links below:

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