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At Westside Grounds, we provide professional lawn care services, and weed control is an important step in producing a quality lawn. Our professional lawn care technicians are experienced in all phases of lawn care, and are quite familiar with the best weed control practices.  The following excerpt comes from Colorado State University’sGeorge Beck:

Noxious weeds, AKA invasive plants, are an insidious problem in Colorado and throughout western U.S.

…Weeds will spread – that is their nature.

Prevention is the most powerful form of weed management and the cheapest and easiest weed to manage is the one you do not have. One of the best ways to prevent weeds from spreading is to control existing infestations…

Mowing and hand pulling are most effective when practiced before weeds go to seed. Biennial weeds, such as musk thistle and diffuse knapweed, are in the rosette growth stage (except those setting seed) and can be readily controlled with herbicides. (read more…)

Weed control is an important part of lawn care that cannot be overlooked, and we handle weed control professionally. There are multiple facets to weed control: herbicedes, the timing of the application of preemergent herbicides, and pollution preventative measures that must be considered. Carl Wilson of CSU points out these issues in more detail below:

 Preemergents always should be used in conjunction with the threefold program described above…. it is recommended that preemergents for crabgrass control be applied in April. If delayed until after May 1, crabgrass seeds have finished germinating, chemicals are needlessly introduced into the environment and the herbicide is wasted. Preemergent timing in other areas of the state differs with spring temperature variations.While preemergent herbicides are useful tools if used correctly, don’t use them routinely year after year to solve problems caused by poor lawn management…A potential problem with preemergent herbicides… is their potential to move from bare soil into surface waters. Once applied, preemergents are trapped by microbes, plant uptake and adsorption onto the surface of soil particles. In vegetable gardens, flower and shrub beds, where soil particles can be washed away with irrigation or storm water, the preemergent can be carried along…Weed control practices affect the environment both in terms of herbicides introduced and soil erosion from landscape areas kept bare of weeds or other plant cover. (read more…)

There is no need for weed control to be a burden, and bring you to your knees. Let the professionals at Westside Grounds help develop a plan that best suits your personal weed control needs. Call us today!