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Making a positive impression on potential customers is important for local businesses. However, broken sprinkler systems can put a dent in not only the visual appeal of your property but also your wallet.

At Westside Grounds, we use our 20+ years of experience to provide commercial businesses with high-class sprinkler repair and maintenance services. Whether you need more water to a certain zone, you have a malfunctioning timer, or a sprinkler head has broken, our team can find a solution that meets your needs so that you can make the right impression. Contact us today.

Why Choose Westside Grounds for Commercial Sprinkler System Repair?

The Benefits of Commercial Sprinkler Repair

There are several reasons why we recommend maintaining your sprinkler system. In general, a well-functioning system will:

  • Save water. Even a small leak in a sprinkler system can lead to excessive water waste. This is particularly bad if you have a bed with plants sensitive to overwatering.
  • Save money. Another thing that comes with wasted water is wasted money. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaks account for 10% of the average water bill.
  • Save business. A healthy, lush lawn or bed is going to be a more attractive site for customers. That beautiful boost will reflect positively on your business.

Even small improvements to your system can have a great impact on your property. Whether you’re looking to save money in the long run or get people in the door, it pays to enhance your commercial property.

Comprehensive Sprinkler System Repair Services We Offer

Denver & Lakewood sprinkler system repair

Whether your business is large or small, maintaining a healthy lawn, bed, or other ground feature is essential to maintaining a professional look. At Westside Grounds, we offer a full range of sprinkler system repair and maintenance services for commercial businesses. From valve replacements to sprinkler head repairs, here are a few of the many services we can provide.

Sprinkler Timers

Timing is everything when trying to maintain a lawn or bed. This is especially important for businesses that want to have a healthy, professional-looking property that either gets a lot of foot traffic or stands out. In this case, our professionals at Westside Grounds have you covered. Our experts can help add or adjust indoor and outdoor controllers based on your preferences. If your timer isn’t working as intended, we can also repair or replace it so that your property has the ideal setup.

Sprinkler Lines

When it comes to repairs, one of the first things we check is whether your sprinkler lines are free of blockages and major leaks. If we find a leak or a line that is calcified, usually the best solution is to replace it. This will save your business from high water bills due to wasted water. 

Sprinkler Valves

In any sprinkler system, having functioning valves is key to making sure that the flow to each zone of your system is consistent. Since many valves are self-contained, they often need repair or replacement after some wear. In fact, some leaks come from the valves themselves malfunctioning rather than the line. Our experts know this and are able to diagnose the exact cause of the malfunction. We can also install a valve box to protect your system from the elements.

Sprinkler Heads

Most business properties in Colorado will have one of two different types of sprinkler heads: spray or rotary. Each type comes with its own pros and cons. For example, spray heads are great for covering smaller areas, such as flower beds and patios. However, they tend to clog easily. In contrast, rotor heads are good at watering large amounts of space but are a little more difficult to install.

At Westside Grounds, our professionals are able to examine your business property and determine the best heads to use. They can also help repair or replace damaged heads and make sure that every inch of your property gets the coverage it needs to thrive.

Sprinkler Startup & Blowout 

Once winter rolls around, it is important to winterize your sprinkler system. We do this by performing blowouts, which clear the system of any water before a hard freeze. This is a necessary form of sprinkler system maintenance in areas with lots of snow and below-freezing temperatures. Winterizing helps prevent damage to your system. Then, once the last hard freeze passes in the spring, we can get your system started again in time for Colorado’s hot, dry summers.

Need Experienced Denver & Lakewood Commercial Sprinkler System Repair? Contact Westside Grounds Today!

Whether you are a large or small business, you deserve to have a property that wows your guests. If you’re looking for experts who will ensure that the job gets done right, Westside Grounds is happy to help. Founded in 1999, we strive to provide the highest quality service that you would recommend to friends and family. Our Denver & Lakewood commercial sprinkler repair professionals will thoroughly inspect, diagnose, and repair your system to your satisfaction. To receive a free quote, contact us online or give us a call at 720-939-2109.

Deb A
Deb A

Westside Grounds came out to aerate and weed and feed my lawn and I couldn’t be more pleased. They were on time, very courteous and professional. My thanks goes out to them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kathleen Christen
Kathleen Christen

This is the second review I have written in a short time. I have had a lot of contact with Wes, Jerry, and Quincy. All are nice and caring. That is why I do business with Westside Grounds.

Nathan Cady
Nathan Cady

Westside grounds has been taking care of the lawn at my rental. They are always on time, quick, and efficient. The lawn always looks great!

Joel Egelman
Joel Egelman

These guys are the real deal. Professional and timely. They installed some xeri scaping on our office grounds as well as do monthly mowing. Communication is good. good guys all around

Beckie Brazell
Beckie Brazell

The Westside Grounds crew show up like clockwork each week to keep our yard looking tidy and neat. Fast and efficient

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