In the business world, first impressions matter, and your landscape is your commercial property’s first introduction to clients and visitors. At Westside Grounds, we understand the importance of making a remarkable first impression. We have over two decades of experience in Denver and Lakewood, leading the way with our top-tier lawn and landscape services. When it comes to commercial landscape construction, trust the experts at Westside Grounds.

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Denver & Lakewood Landscape Construction Services We Offer

Commercial landscape construction projects can vary widely in scope and scale, depending on the specific needs and goals of the commercial property owner or manager. These projects aim to create appealing and functional outdoor spaces that align with the branding, aesthetics, and functionality of the commercial property. At Westside Grounds, we do all types of landscaping. Examples of our services include the following:

Hardscape Installation:

Enhance the structural beauty of your commercial space with Westside Grounds’ expert hardscape installation services. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously design and install features such as elegant patios, durable walkways, and stunning retaining walls. Whether it’s creating a charming courtyard or a functional outdoor seating area, we turn your vision into reality.

Outdoor Light Fixtures:

Illuminate your commercial property’s nighttime charm with Westside Grounds’ outdoor lighting solutions. Our carefully selected fixtures not only enhance aesthetics but also provide security and safety. From pathway lighting to architectural accent lighting, we create inviting and well-lit outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression.


Westside Grounds specializes in creating commercial fencing solutions that blend security and style seamlessly. Our durable fencing options offer protection while complementing your property’s overall look. Trust us to design and install fences that provide both security and curb appeal.

Parking Lot Landscaping:

Make your parking lot more than just a space for cars. Westside Grounds transforms it into an attractive, well-organized area that enhances your property’s overall aesthetics. We incorporate green islands, shade trees, and smart landscaping to create a welcoming and environmentally conscious parking environment.

Stormwater Management:

Protect your commercial property from stormwater issues with Westside Grounds’ expert stormwater management solutions. We design and install systems that efficiently manage runoff while enhancing your landscape’s beauty.

Green Roof Installation:

Elevate your commercial building’s sustainability and energy efficiency with a green roof installation from Westside Grounds. Our team specializes in creating vibrant, eco-friendly rooftop landscapes. We carefully select vegetation and drainage systems to maximize environmental benefits and beauty.


Westside Grounds champions xeriscaping to create water-efficient and visually captivating landscapes for your commercial property. Our experts select drought-tolerant native plants and employ water-conserving practices. We design xeriscapes that not only save resources but also enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal, making it both environmentally responsible and visually stunning.

Our mission is to cater to your vision. This list is non-exhaustive. Please don’t hesitate to contact Westside Grounds and speak to us about your envisioned landscape design. We’ll help you make it a reality.

Why Does My Business Need Commercial Landscape Construction?

Commercial landscape construction isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s essential for your business’s success. Here’s why:

Make a Lasting Impression: Elevate Your Business Image

Just as you meticulously prepare and present yourself for a job interview, your commercial landscape serves as the initial introduction to your clients and partners. It’s the cover of your business, setting the tone for what lies within. An impressive landscape demonstrates your commitment to excellence, making a remarkable and indelible first impression. Your landscape should mirror the professionalism and quality your business embodies.

Ensure Safety: Protect Your People and Reputation

Neglected landscapes not only diminish aesthetics but also pose safety hazards. Cracked pavements, fallen branches, overgrown shrubbery, poisonous plants, or uneven stones can lead to accidents, causing harm to your employees, clients, and potentially leading to legal liabilities. A well-maintained landscape ensures a safe and secure environment, mitigating these risks and preserving your business’s reputation for responsibility and care.

Protect Your Investment: Enhance Value and Attractiveness

Your business property is a significant investment, and the landscape is a valuable component of this asset. An aesthetically pleasing and well-kept landscape not only attracts more clients and visitors but also enhances the overall value of your property. Whether you plan to rent office space or have aspirations to sell and relocate, a beautifully designed landscape can significantly impact your property’s value, making it a sound and profitable investment.

Build a Reputation: Showcase Your Commitment to Quality

A beautifully designed and meticulously maintained landscape communicates more than just aesthetics. It conveys your commitment to quality, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence. Clients and partners are more likely to trust and engage with a business that invests in its outward appearance, as it signifies an equal dedication to the services and products offered. Your landscape becomes a reflection of your business’s core values and principles.

Foster a Happy Environment: Enhance Productivity and Positivity

A breathtaking outdoor landscape does more than captivate the eye; it nurtures a positive and harmonious workplace environment. Employees surrounded by natural beauty experience heightened moods and increased productivity. Additionally, a visually appealing landscape creates a sense of calm and well-being for clients, leaving them with a positive and memorable impression of your business. A happy workplace environment translates to better interactions, improved teamwork, and increased client satisfaction.

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Commercial landscape construction is an investment in your business’s future. It’s the canvas upon which you paint your company’s values, quality, and commitment to excellence. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed and meticulously maintained landscape. It can leave an indelible mark, fortify your business’s reputation, and create a positive and productive environment for all who engage with your enterprise. Contact Westside Grounds today to embark on the journey of transforming your commercial landscape into a symbol of success.