Lawn Maintenance Services

Westside Grounds Lawn is proud to offer a breadth of Denver lawn care and maintenance services which address any and all of our valued customer’s lawn care needs. Below is a list and some brief descriptions of our quality lawn care services. Remember, no job is too big or too small for the lawn care professionals at Westside Grounds Lawn!

Our Signature 6-Step Program

Our Denver lawn care and maintenance 6-step program includes 6 total treatments of the highest grade, premium slow-release fertilizer. As a bonus we throw in our premier and selective weed control, premier weed control for your landscape beds, and for just the small cost of and additional $20 a year, we will add crabgrass/quackgrass premium treatment. If you are looking for the best value lawn car package in Denver, look no further!

Lawn Fertilization

We always pride ourselves on using the best possible fertilization methods, and that’s why we choose to use granular fertilizers. This type of fertilizer has a timing element which adds an effectiveness that liquid fertilizers simply cannot. This product lasts anywhere from one to six weeks depending on your lawn care  needs. We use  slow- and fast-release formulas in-tandem which include a perfectly balanced mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Sod Installation

Could your lawn use a complete overhaul at the very most fundamental level? The professionals at Westside Grounds Lawn are your Denver sod experts and are ready to re-make your lawn today! Your time is valuable so don’t waste it trying to figure out which sod is right and how to properly install it in your yard. Call Westside Grounds Lawn and let our professionals make your life that much simpler.

Deep Core Aeration

Our lawn aeration services consists of driving holes into your lawn’s soil (and any thatch above it) to facilitate the entrance of water, air, and fertilizer in order to gain better access to the roots of your lawns grass. Lawn aeration allows the grass roots to grow deeper, establishing a more robust and overall healthier lawn. The depth of the aeration plug  is dependent on moisture level of the soil, but typically should be about 3 inches. The professionals at Westside Grounds Lawn recommend performing deep core lawn aeration twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall.

Irrigation/Sprinkler Diagnostics & Repair

In order to keep your Denver lawn beautiful during the Colorado summers, it is critical that your sprinkler and irrigation systems are functioning properly. Our expert Denver sprinkler repair specialists are not only able to diagnose what might be causing any problems that you are experiencing, but also have the experience and expertise to remedy the problem and get your Denver lawn looking great once again. The beauty of your lawn and landscape depends on your Arvada, Denver, Littleton, or Highlands Ranch sprinklers functioning properly. Call the sprinkler diagnostics and repair experts at Westside Grounds Lawn today.


Overseeding is a process that should, more-often-than-not, be performed in conjunction with deep core aeration. Overseeding provides your lawn with a better opportunity to grow lush and luxurious. If you have ever observed spots where your grass doesn’t come in as full as it once did, the overseeding process can help fill in those thin spots.

Lawn Mowing

Take a chore off of your plate by scheduling weekly Denver lawn mowing of your entire lawn and turf perimeter. At Westside Grounds Lawn we maintain the highest standard of service by using only the best lawn mowing equipment, which we rigorously maintain to ensure that they are always sharpened and tuned. For all your Denver lawn mowing needs, call Westside Grounds Lawn today and see how great it can be to never mow your own lawn again!

Edging & Blowing

To deliver and maintain an aesthetically pleasing lawn, edging and blowing are essential functions of lawn mowing process. We provide our expert  edging services for the perimeter and all objects on the property. We also take time and care to blow off all of your walkways, driveways and garden areas.

Bagging of Clippings

Unless you are worried that grass clipping will be tracked inside your home, the lawn care and maintenance experts at Westside Grounds lawn recommend that you leave grass clipping on the surface of your lawn after mowing. Bagging grass mean that all of the basic nutrients to your grasses health are unable to be recycled back into the soil. Your lawn’s optimum nutrient levels are achieved only by allowing the grass shoots to be inserted back into your turf.

Dethatching & Power Raking

The lawn care experts at Westside Grounds Lawn recommend that a power raking should be executed every two to three years to facilitate a thicker and healthier lawn. In the absence of a good raking, dead grass will be packed down on top of the soil, which inhibits water and nutrients from accessing the roots of your lawn.

Weed Control

We consider ourselves the premier lawn care Colorado experts, which means we use the highest industry-grade weed control products to rid your lawn and garden beds of weeds quickly, and for good. Weeds can overtake all areas of your yard from your garden to your front lawn, to your driveway. As weed control experts, we can determine what Colorado lawn care products are the best to apply to kill those pesky weeds without doing any damage to the integrity of your lawn, pets, or most importantly, your family’s health.

Disease & Fungus Control

Over the years at Westside Grounds Lawn we have taken on a wide variety of lawn concerns including diseased and fungus infested lawns. These kinds of issues can be observed if your lawn has patches or spots of dead or damaged grass. If you see issues like this it is best to jump on the problem early by calling the Denver lawn care and maintenance professionals at Westside Grounds Lawn. Our trained and highly skilled technicians will evaluate your lawn and take the necessary measures to rid it of all disease and fungus issues.

Insect Control

When insects infest your lawn they can cause irreparable damages to its integrity ? The Denver lawn care and maintenance experts at Westside Grounds Lawn are highly skilled insect control experts and are ready to handle all your insect control issues. We pride ourselves on using only the highest-quality insect eradication applications because we believe in the value of ensuring that they job is done correctly the first time around. Don’t let insects threaten the beauty of your lawn; call in the Denver insect control experts at Westside Grounds Lawn today!