Denver & Lakewood Commercial Lawn Mowing

Finding a reliable mowing service for your commercial property is a daunting task. However, our experts at Westside Grounds have been trusted by clients in Denver, Lakewood, and the surrounding area for over 20 years. We provide top-notch mowing services tailored to the unique needs of commercial property. This includes consistent, seasonal mowings and other lawn maintenance services for an affordable price. Contact us today.

The Benefits of Mowing Your Commercial Lawn

Maintaining a beautiful property involves more than just keeping the grass trimmed. Regular mowing plays a crucial role in preserving the overall health of your lawn. It helps alleviate the strain on the roots, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients. Additionally, mowing aids in drying out the soil during rainy months and maintains the stability of your lawn’s ecosystem. This is important in keeping your lawn attractive for visitors, especially if your property sees a lot of foot traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

When it comes to mowing, it may seem like there isn’t much to it. However, you may have a few questions about the best way to take care of your lawn, such as how low to cut the grass, how often you should mow, and whether other services are needed. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our commercial customers.

How Often Does Lawn Mowing for Commercial Buildings Need to Be Performed?

The frequency of mowing depends on the season. During the growing season, typically in late spring and early summer, it’s recommended to mow once a week. However, as summer progresses and the weather becomes hotter and drier in Colorado, allowing the grass to grow a bit longer provides shade to the soil, facilitating water retention. Cutting too frequently during these months may result in unsightly dead spots.

What Is the Best Height for Grass?

While the height varies depending on the season, our experts try to keep your grass no shorter than 2 inches. Cutting the grass too short is a common mistake that often leads to dry patches. In the summer months, a height of 3 inches or more is recommended, while during colder seasons, 2-2.5 inches is sufficient due to higher water availability in the soil.

Will You Leave Grass Clippings on the Lawn?

Most of the time, yes. Leaving grass clippings on your lawn promotes healthy growth. As the clippings decompose, they naturally enrich the soil with essential nutrients. Additionally, they help retain water during dry spells that are common here in Colorado. Unless it’s late in the season or you’re concerned about clippings spreading to other areas, it’s best to leave them on the lawn. You can even use them for composting if you have a garden bed. That being said, we will remove grass clippings on request.

Do You Include Any Other Services with Mowing?

Absolutely! Our basic lawn mowing service includes trimming and blowing clippings off the sidewalk and other areas of the property with high traffic. We also have a variety of other mowing packages available that include edging, fertilization, aeration, and weed control. For more information, check out our annual packages.

How Do I Maintain My Newly Mowed Commercial Lawn?

Generally, a simple watering plan is all you need to keep your mowed lawn looking full and lush. A good rule of thumb is to water heavily when the lawn somewhat dries out, rather than doing light watering more frequently. A good way to tell if you need to water is if the grass does not bounce back within a few seconds of you stepping on it. In addition, we recommend watering your lawn in the morning so it doesn’t dry out in the afternoon sun.

Why Westside Grounds Is the Best Choice for Your Commercial Lawn Mowing

Choosing an experienced Denver and Lakewood commercial lawn mowing service for your property offers numerous benefits. Our knowledgeable lawn care experts can help your business:

  • Save valuable time by letting you focus on running your business;
  • Reduce possible future expenses due to preventable lawn maintenance issues; and
  • Conserve water use for when your property needs it most.

At Westside Grounds, our mission is to provide the most professional lawn care service possible. With a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and countless 5-star reviews, our dedicated team ensures your satisfaction with every service.

Contact Westside Grounds for a Quote Today

Since 1999, we have been serving commercial properties with professional lawn care and landscaping services. Our Denver and Lakewood commercial lawn mowing professionals take pride in delivering exceptional results every time.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote. We look forward to helping maintain the beauty of your commercial property.

Deb A
Deb A

Westside Grounds came out to aerate and weed and feed my lawn and I couldn’t be more pleased. They were on time, very courteous and professional. My thanks goes out to them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kathleen Christen
Kathleen Christen

This is the second review I have written in a short time. I have had a lot of contact with Wes, Jerry, and Quincy. All are nice and caring. That is why I do business with Westside Grounds.

Nathan Cady
Nathan Cady

Westside grounds has been taking care of the lawn at my rental. They are always on time, quick, and efficient. The lawn always looks great!

Joel Egelman
Joel Egelman

These guys are the real deal. Professional and timely. They installed some xeri scaping on our office grounds as well as do monthly mowing. Communication is good. good guys all around

Beckie Brazell
Beckie Brazell

The Westside Grounds crew show up like clockwork each week to keep our yard looking tidy and neat. Fast and efficient