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Keeping your lawn looking great is a challenge – especially in Colorado. The arid climate leads to brown lawns before the end of June! However, you’ve got a sprinkler system in place for this very reason. But how effective and efficient is it?

Problems with a sprinkler line, sprinkler hose, or irrigation system overall can lead to serious issues. We’ve all seen it before – a sprinkler system that waters the concrete sidewalk instead of the grass. There are a variety of reasons a residential sprinkler system might require repair – and we’ll get to the bottom of the issue no matter what.

Westside Grounds employs experienced Denver & Lakewood sprinkler technicians who can diagnose and solve your irrigation problems. Contact us today.

When your sprinkler system is functioning properly, you’ll see several benefits:

  • Reduction in wastewater and runoff. Your lawn will be getting much-needed nourishment, and there won’t be excess left over to spill onto the sidewalk.
  • Your lawn will look better. You won’t see the dry spots and bare patches that sometimes develop due to a malfunctioning sprinkler system.
  • Better for the environment. A broken sprinkler system often means you’re wasting water. That’s something you want to avoid especially in our dry climate.
  • Efficient costs. If your sprinkler system is broken, you could have a leak that is adding money to your water bill.

Why Isn’t My Sprinkler System Working?

It’s a frustrating feeling when you go to turn your sprinkler system on for the first time and nothing happens, water leaks everywhere, or the sprinklers just aren’t watering the right area. Here are a few things that could be giving you trouble:

  • Broken sprinkler heads. This is pretty easy to spot, but you might need some help with repairs! You may notice the sprinkler heads are cracked or they just might not pop up when the sprinkler system is turned on. Either way, it’s an issue that will need to be investigated.
  • Low water pressure. There are a couple of things that could be causing issues with the water pressure in your sprinkler system. You may have a severed or damaged sprinkler line somewhere causing a leak, or the problem could originate from crushed or clogged water pipes. A sprinkler system professional should be able to diagnose the root cause of the issue.
  • Dead zones. Spots where your sprinkler system just doesn’t work can be especially frustrating. It doesn’t seem to make sense. The problem may be with bad voltage, a blown fuse, or even a faulty valve. Ultimately, an expert will be needed to pinpoint the issue and alleviate the problem.

Whatever is causing the problem, our Denver & Lakewood sprinkler service & repair experts will diagnose it and provide a cost-effective, quality solution.

Parts That May Need Sprinkler System Repair and Maintenance

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why a sprinkler system can become damaged or simply malfunction. In each case, our experts are able to repair and install a variety of sprinkler system parts. Here are some of the most common parts that may need service when a sprinkler system is inoperable.

Controllers & Times

Nearly all sprinkler systems have some sort of controller or timer to determine how long they stay on. This includes both indoor and outdoor controllers, which can time waterings based on weather conditions, programmed scheduling, or other factors. Controllers are integral to most sprinkler systems and make it easy to water your lawn when needed. 

However, when a controller breaks down or malfunctions, it can drastically affect the health of your lawn and increase your water bills. At Westside Grounds, we can not only diagnose issues with controllers but also repair or replace them. Whether you water your lawn at regular intervals or have sophisticated watering needs, we can help create a system that works for you.


Probably one of the most common issues with sprinkler systems is broken or obstructed sprinkler heads. While some households still use spray sprinkler heads, others use rotary sprinklers. In either case, there are a few reasons why a sprinkler head could stop working. Maybe the spray head itself is damaged or misaligned. Perhaps a valve is damaged or there isn’t enough water pressure. In any case, we’ll help find the source of the problem and, if necessary, replace your sprinkler heads.

Valves and Valve Boxes

Another common aspect of Denver & Lakewood residential sprinkler repair is valve replacement. The valves are what control the flow of water to each zone of your sprinkler system. These complex pieces often need to be fully replaced if they leak or malfunction. In fact, one broken valve can greatly increase your water bill due to the amount of water wasted. The professionals at Westside Grounds know this and can not only replace broken valves but also install a valve box to make sure that your system is protected from animals, children, etc.

Vacuum Breakers

The purpose of a vacuum breaker is to prevent backflow from your sprinkler system into the water supply. This is because water from your sprinkler line can easily become contaminated with dirt and other debris and siphon back into the system that also delivers your drinking water. In short, vacuum breakers are essential to keeping your sprinkler system one-way. We can help install, repair, and replace vacuum breakers.


A big part of sprinkler system maintenance is ensuring that all lines are free of leaks and blockages. While it’s not always possible to repair a line, our professionals are able to replace lines that are calcified or eroded due to tree roots, mud, and other debris.

Residential Irrigation Repair

Westside Grounds Systems has sprinkler system repair experts ready to serve your needs in Denver, Lakewood, and beyond. Visit our contact page for a full map of our service area. To speak with someone from our team about our Denver & Lakewood sprinkler service & repair, call us at 720-939-2109. We’d be more than happy to visit your home to inspect your sprinkler systems and provide a quote for service.

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Deb A

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Kathleen Christen

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