commercial weed control in denver and lakewood

Your lawn is an investment in your commercial business. You picked out the flowers and the plants. Everything looks beautiful. Aesthetics go a long way with impressions. The last thing you want to see on your business’s landscaping is a weed because weeds detract from the value of this investment.

Weeds are invasive to your landscaping. They diminish your lawn’s beauty and your business’s value. At Westside Grounds, our Denver & Lakewood commercial weed control services can help keep your commercial landscaping green and professional. Our lawn care experts have the knowledge and resources to destroy, control, and prevent the growth of weeds on your commercial property. We have over two decades of experience in helping our customers maintain beautiful and healthy lawns and gardens. Contact us now to see how we can assist you with our weed control and prevention services.

About Weeds

Weeds are everywhere. But how would you define a weed? A weed is a plant that grows in a place where it is unwanted. They are opportunistic plants and can aggressively invade your landscape if left unchecked. Weeds can be of three different types: annual, biennial, or perennial.

As their name suggests, annual weeds sprout, grow, and die in a one-year time frame. Biennial weeds last for two years. In the first year, the weed sprouts and grows into a plant. In the second year, the weed produces flowers and seeds. The weed then dies. Perennial weeds live more than two years. They grow quickly. These weeds are hard to get rid of.

Weed Traits

Weeds are different from plants. They have certain attributes that set them apart from other plants. The following are general traits of weeds.

Weeds Grow Quickly

Weeds tend to grow extremely fast. This is most likely the basis for the colloquial phrase “grow like a weed.” This is problematic because your beautiful, organized landscape can transform into a jungle of weeds overnight.

Excessive Seed Production

Weeds tend to produce a high volume of seeds. This is the reason they can reproduce and grow so quickly. The main problem with weeds is that they are hard to contain. 

Weeds Are Competitive

Weeds will burrow their way into lawns, flower beds, and cracks outside. Weeds can fight with other plants for sunlight, air, water, and nutrients.

Weeds May Be Poisonous

Some weeds are toxic to humans and animals. For example, poison ivy is a weed. Poisonous weeds are especially worrisome. If a customer falls ill because of weeds on your business’s property, depending on the circumstances, you may be liable.

Deb A
Deb A

Westside Grounds came out to aerate and weed and feed my lawn and I couldn’t be more pleased. They were on time, very courteous and professional. My thanks goes out to them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Kathleen Christen
Kathleen Christen

This is the second review I have written in a short time. I have had a lot of contact with Wes, Jerry, and Quincy. All are nice and caring. That is why I do business with Westside Grounds.

Nathan Cady
Nathan Cady

Westside grounds has been taking care of the lawn at my rental. They are always on time, quick, and efficient. The lawn always looks great!

Joel Egelman
Joel Egelman

These guys are the real deal. Professional and timely. They installed some xeri scaping on our office grounds as well as do monthly mowing. Communication is good. good guys all around

Beckie Brazell
Beckie Brazell

The Westside Grounds crew show up like clockwork each week to keep our yard looking tidy and neat. Fast and efficient

Where Do Weeds Grow?

Weeds can grow in a variety of places. If there are weak spots in your lawn or garden, they will germinate there. Weak spots in your lawn can be thinning grass or brown spots. Weeds also grow in cracks. You might see them in the cracks of your driveway or along the sidewalks that lead to your business.

Seeing weeds in any place around your business is bothersome. Books shouldn’t be judged by their covers, but they are. If weeds take over your flower beds and sidewalks, your customers may be deterred from entering your business. Don’t let a few weeds dictate the success of your commercial endeavors. Contact Westside Grounds and let us help you.

How to Control Weeds

Weed prevention, control, and reduction are essential to our professional weed control services. Herbicides can be used to kill unwanted weeds. There are different types of herbicides. Some target the weeds specifically. Other herbicides do not differentiate between weeds and other “wanted” plants. These herbicides will kill any plants they touch. We understand which herbicides to use in different circumstances. 

Another technique we use to control weeds is pre-emergent herbicide. This type of herbicide stops weeds from growing. It does this by attacking the seeds of the weeds.

Lastly, weeds can also be removed from your lawn by pulling them out. For some weeds, leaving a root or other part of the weed can allow for the weed to regrow. Therefore, with this control measure, the entire weed must be removed from the soil.

Contact Our Weed Control Specialists

We are 100% committed to helping you with your lawn and garden needs at Westside Grounds. Impressions are everything. Weeds surrounding your place of business can undermine the beauty and professionalism you want to achieve.

Our professional weed control experts have extensive knowledge of the industry. We know how to cure your landscaping of weeds and how to prevent weed growth in the future. Contact Westside Grounds today, and see how we can help you with our commercial weed control services.