Denver & Lakewood Hedge & Tree Trimming Services

Just like your house, your landscape makes a statement about you. You don’t want overgrown bushes and uneven hedges on your property—you want your landscape to be charming and attractive. To accomplish this effectively, you need a professional service.

Contact the professional landscapers at Westside Grounds for all your greenery needs. We are committed to serving the residents of Denver and Lakewood. Our experts will work with you to create your picturesque landscape. You won’t be just a job that we finish and then leave. Together, we will develop a plan to keep your hedges and trees trimmed and looking beautiful now and into the future. So call Westside Grounds today to learn more about how our services can give you the beautiful landscaping you desire.

What Purpose Do Trees, Bushes, and Hedges Serve?

Trees, bushes, and hedges are common in landscapes throughout the Denver and Lakewood areas. If you want privacy, you may have trees or tall hedges. You can choose shorter hedges or bushes to accentuate your landscaping if you aren’t concerned about privacy and just want your property to shine. 

Our tree, hedge, and bush trimming strategy depends on the type of plant and your landscaping needs. Our skilled landscaping professionals have extensive knowledge of the different types of trimming methods, so we will customize our strategy just for you. 

Why Do I Need Hedge and Tree Trimming Services? 

Trimming your overgrown hedges and trees can be challenging. Trimming is more than just making your plants have an even cut. It’s about making them behave and grow properly. Here are common reasons you need hedge and tree trimming services for your landscape.

Keep Your Landscape Aesthetically Pleasing

There are different ways to arrange your trees and hedges. It all depends on your desired design. You may want your hedges in a square, a rectangle, or an oval. Or you may want bushes instead. No matter how you arrange the trees, hedges, and bushes on your property, they will help give it character and add to its curb appeal.

Keep Your Landscape Safe

The safety of your family and guests is always a priority. You don’t want your bushes and hedges to grow uncontrollably, as untamed greenery can block pathways, interfere with visibility, and create safety hazards. We will ensure your trees and hedges do not block any path or driveway so people are not at risk of tripping or getting hurt on your property. We can also help ensure that branches and leaves do not impair a passing driver’s visibility. 

Keep Your Landscape Healthy 

Professional trimming can keep your trees and hedges healthy. In addition to trimming, we will also remove any debris, such as dead branches. This will help to keep any unwanted pests away from your greenery. Our weed control experts at Westside Grounds will also protect your hedges from any weeds that may find your hedges hospitable. 

Lastly, we will check for any diseases in the hedges. It is essential to detect diseases right away so we can treat the plant and prevent the disease from spreading to nearby greenery.

How Many Times Should I Get My Trees and Hedges Trimmed?

Your tree and hedge services should be done regularly to ensure your trees, hedges, and bushes are always the appropriate shape and size. Also, our experts will have a chance to inspect the shrubbery for any diseases, weed overgrowth, water deficiency, or lack of nutrient absorbance. If any of these problems arise, our landscaping professionals can correct them before they spread to nearby trees or hedges.

The amount of times per year you should have a professional trim your shrubbery depends on the type of shrubbery you have, your landscaping situation, and your preferences. We will coordinate a visit where we can assess your particular needs. 

Why Should I Choose Westside Grounds?

At Westside Grounds, we have two decades of experience serving the Denver and Lakewood residents. We can help with all your landscaping needs. In addition to residential tree and hedge trimming, we also offer the following services:

  • Lawn aeration,
  • Overseeding, 
  • Lawn care,
  • Lawn mowing service,
  • Residential and commercial weed control,
  • Residential and commercial pest control,
  • Fungus control,
  • Mulch delivery and spreading,
  • Residential and commercial landscape construction,
  • Commercial tree and hedge trimming,
  • Residential and commercial gutter cleaning, and
  • Residential and commercial snow removal service.

No matter what assistance you need, we can help you build the landscape of your dreams!

Contact Us at Westside Grounds for Our Top-Notch Hedge and Tree Trimming Services

Westside Grounds opened its doors in 1999. Today, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading lawn and landscaping services in the Lakewood and Denver areas. Our trimming professionals use the latest technology for our services, and our methods are always humane and industry-approved. Contact us today, and let us brighten your landscape with trimmed trees and hedges.