April is typically the time when outdoor chores rev up again. The ice has been chipped away, the snow has melted, and it is time to stretch your outside legs again! To make your life easier, here are four simple checklists for April lawn care tips that set your lawn on track for a great summer.

First off, get your tools ready.

  • If you have an electric lawn mower, make sure the blade is sharp (if the blade is not sharp it will be apparent). If the blade is dull, make sure the cord is unplugged or the battery is disconnected. Then, remove the blade, and sharpen it.
  • If you have a gasoline lawn mower or trimmer, there are some important steps to take to ensure that it lasts through the rigors of a summer of lawn upkeep.
  • Remove the spark plug. This disables the engine and makes it a little safer for work. Use a piece of sand paper to clean the spark plug (This helps for quicker starts). If the plug seems beyond hope, replace it.
  • Empty the gas. If it has been left in the tank all winter, the chances are it is stale and that can cause rust in your carburetor.
  • Check the sharpness of the blade. If it is dull, remove the blade and use a grinder to sharpen it.
  • Check the oil. You lawnmower will most likely need an oil change, but it is not necessary on smaller, two-cycle engines.
  • If there is an air-filter, now is a great time to change it.
  • Clean off all the built-up grass and debris on the underside of the machines.
  • If you have a manual/push lawnmower, make sure all the blades are sharp, and you are ready!
  • For all the other tools necessary for your lawn work, just make sure you know where they all are located, and that they are still operational. Most hand-held tools are simple. So, they do not need a lot of maintenance.

Bring More Airflow to Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn is one of the most important April lawn care tips. Essentially, the machines used to aerate a lawn poke holes in the ground. That process allows more airflow, as well as moisture, to reach the roots which helps promote healthy growth. Getting this done in the spring is an important step to ensuring the healthiest lawn possible all through the summer.

Cutting the Grass

Mowing your lawn is another important April-specific lawn care tip. Cutting it too short is damaging. As a general guideline,  cut the top third off the length of the grass. That means that you must keep regularly cutting the grass to ensure a healthy length, and still remove the top third of the blades of grass.

Proper Irrigation

Getting the right irrigation starts in April. There are plenty of options when irrigating your lawn and when looking at all the options, it is important to know the benefits. Taking the familiar hose and sprinkler approach is most easily accessible, but it also uses the most water, and takes the largest daily time commitment.

Installing an underground sprinkler system is a  hefty investment, it can use quite a lot of water through evaporation, but is a great way to automate your irrigation.  Look for the water -saving sprinkler options if you choose to go this route.

For the water needs of your garden, using drip tube irrigation is the most water-efficient, and time conserving option. Typically, this option is more specific to the needs of your garden, or other landscaping, than your lawn. Mowing over exposed tubing can cause a lot of problems.


In Summary

Don’t let your April lawn care get you down. Refer to this checklist, and be well on your way to enjoying a great lawn this summer. If these chores seem like they will be too demanding for your schedule, or if it is just not one of your priorities, give us a call! Our lawn care professionals are more than happy to come and take care of it for you.