October Lawn Care

Westside Grounds1Here are some items to be aware of with respect to your lawn in the month of October.

1) Reduce mowing – As the temperatures begin to get cooler, the soil temperature also falls off and growing conditions also come to an abrupt halt. Make sure your last mow is below 3” to prevent excess water storage in the grass, which can lead to fungus.

2) Lawn Aeration – You can still aerate your lawn to help relieve soil compaction and breaking up thatch buildup in lawns.

3) Mulch leaves – If you have leaves on your lawn property, take steps to rake them and bag them. I have also found that mulching with the lawn mower provides an excellent way to chop leaves into fine pieces and incorporate the nutrition back into the soil.

4) Water lawn – If fall conditions are very dry and hot, 80-95 degrees, continue to water your lawn to insure a healthy soil nutrition. If conditions are damp and cool, this step could be skipped.
5) Winterize your sprinklers – Watch the nightly forecasts and make sure you take precautions with respect to colder temperatures, below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn off the water and drain your system to prevent the cold from doing damage to your pipes.

Planning Ahead

Have you noticed the chilly nights and changing weather? That’s right, Fall is here, which means snow is right around the corner!

Don’t get caught in the cold! Sign up for Snow Removal today! Westside Grounds provides security for those snowy days. Sorry, no more “snow days” off work!

Employee Highlight

Bryan MacAulay is our new sprinkler tech/crew leaders! He is an experienced manager and we are so lucky to have him on board! He is originally from Oregon but now calls Colorado his home.

We also welcome Joshua Zancanelli, our other crew leader! He has been managing in the lawn care business for years. It’s great to have his expertise with us! He is also a new father!
Welcome, Bryan and Joshua!


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