Denver, Colorado – February 21st, 2012 – The recent Denver snow storm that brought with it 80-100 MPH winds, and which also apparently failed to show itself on the radars of any local meteorologist, has caused quite a pain for many Denver-area residents.

denver snow storm image

According 7 News in Denver, the sneak-attack of a Denver snow storm has caused several Denver area schools to delay their days, or, in some cases close completly due to power outages as a result of the snow and wind. The closed schools are Edgewater Elementary, Stott Elementary, Red Rocks Elementary, Westgate Elementary, Slater Elementary and O’Connell Middle School. Unfortunately for the teaches of these schools, school officials asked them to come in anyways; as if shoveling out their cars wasn’t bad enough! All Cherry Creek schools were on a delayed schedule, which included bus pick-up and class start times.

The road ways were also not immune to the ills of this most recent and violent snow storm. According to CBS 4 in Denver, the thick snow and heavy winds caused a car accident where-in the vehicle involved veered off of the road and directly through the front door of a neighborhood home! The driver of the car which plowed into the local home apparently told local officials that she though she had a green light, but when she entered the intersection she hit another car traveling westbound. This impact cause the driver to lose control and roll into the home.  Thankfully, the accident which occured at 8:30 am of Thursday morning caused no fatalities or injuries.

This most recent snow storm has caused plenty of headaches for residents all over Denver. At AspenValley Services we would be happy to take one headache off of your plate with our professional snow removal services. Please give us a call today!

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