In the winter, we see that our grass stops growing, due to the extreme cold and snow, but what most people do not know is that lawn care should not quit just because it is winter. There are several things that you should do in the winter to take care of your lawn.

Clean up

It is important that you make sure there is no debris hanging around the yard. In Denver, it snows then thaws, then snows again and if you are not keeping your lawn clear of all of this junk, then you are putting your lawn at risk.These things can smother the grass, create disease conditions and invite other pests to damage your lawn.


Excessively long grass can also smother itself just like the debris in the grass, so make sure you lower the height of your mower by a notch or two before the winter months. However, make sure the grass is not cut too short because you do not want to expose the dirt to extreme conditions.


During the winter, dormant grass can withstand moderate foot traffic, but you need to be careful and make sure their is not too much traffic that it causes a worn down path in the grass. If this happens, it will be harder to get this section of the grass to green up during the spring months.

Monitor conditions

Make sure throughout the winter that you are monitoring weather conditions. Your grass is made to withstand extreme conditions, but there are certain conditions that can be harmful in the long term. For example, it might be a good idea to chip away a little exposed ice from the grass if you know a winter storm or deep freeze is coming.

Unfortunately, winter is a very unpredictable season and could be very damaging to your lawn if you are not taking the correct steps to protect it. So, next time you are worried about your lawn, make sure you are following these instructions to keep your turf safe. For all of your lawn care and snow removal needs in Denver, call Westside Grounds Lawn Care at (720) 939-2109, today!