Fending Off Bambi1It’s no secret here that in Colorado we’ve got an abundance of deer roaming throughout our state. Many of us get surprise visits in the night in our backyard especially if you live near an open space. While it can be fun watching a deer quietly graze on your lawn, in all reality, it’s not helping your grass grow any greener.

We can never control mother nature or her creatures therefore it can be difficult to stop deer from destroying your landscape. Often times they are able of taking out your entire garden in just one short evening with their grumbling tummies which means unfortunately for you, their little midnight snack can cost you a lot of money trying to replace the plants that they just ate for their supper. There are different tricks and tips to keeping our friendly little deer from eating all of your hard backyard work.

Different Plant Options

Stonecrops1Deer have different appetites and favor some different grasses and flowers. A plant that deer stray away from is stonecrops. This plant is a yellow, orange, red, or pink flower which the deer hate and will make your landscaping beautiful. This plant often stands out in the stone garden community because of its contrasting colors to other flowers and leaves that appeal to the deer.

Lamb's Ears1Another plant that our whitetail friends dislike are lamb’s ears. This is another plant that is also a beauty in the garden. The lamb’s ears produce a light purple flower on tall spikes that have a silver foliage that feels similiar to velvet. This plant will never be eaten by deer for a delicious snack as they dislike the texture and taste.

Prickly Pear Cactus1Lastly, if you’re thinking of the ultimate plant to stray away deer as well as other animals, the prickly pear cactus will do the trick. It will provide a similar benefit as to a barbed-wire fence without actually having to install one. This plant can grow between 6-14 inches and deer always stray away from this prickly foe.


Each of these plants can be grown in your yard without much water and sunlight. If you’re interested in having a certain type of plant inserted, contact us here at Westside Grounds Lawn, Inc. today!