No matter your age, doing these things is just plain fun:

Build a fort.

3436321771_3e3d1e5da2Building a fort is something that just makes life better. (The pictured fort is made from sticks and twigs, but forts can be made from sheets, or boxes, or anything else you have lying around) Building a fort is part make-believe, it fully opens your creative license and is perhaps the absolute best place to sleep (until your dog rips the whole creation to the ground: ]. Enter best lawn activity # two…


Chase your Dog!

After your dog rips your fort down, or maybe you just feel like it, give chase. At first, you may be red-eyed with visions of never having to pay for its food ever again, but as the chase proceeds, and you see the joy of that mutt for finally getting you to play along in his favorite game, your heart slowly starts to melt. At the very least, you get your heart pumping and develop lower leg stabilizing muscles. Or, maybe you just get tuckered out, fall over, and get your face covered in slobber. Time for a wash up!

Water Gun Fight!

Whether you have balloons filled with water, a super soaker, or just a bucket and a hose, watering the lawn has never been this much fun. There are few activities that contain such strategy and exhilaration with such small consequence as a water battle. Think of the family team building that occurs with such cooperation! Who cares if the intention is semi-sinister? Drenching the rest of your friends and family is a hoot!

Bubble Blowing!

This one is much more tame, but blowing those floating, shiny, iridescent spheres is never boring. They move with the breezes! And when they pop…they just disappear! For crying out loud! That’s just awesome.


Dig a bomb shelter!

I don’t know why this made the list. In all honesty, I think I just needed to put a fifth item on the list and this is the first thing that popped into my head. I challenge you to start, though. Just grab a shovel (of course call 811 first! Call before you dig!) and get after it. If you last more than a few hours, I applaud you. Now you have a mess, though, and you probably need us to come fix your lawn. Feel free to just give us a call!

Alright, bam! There it is. The best things to do in your lawn are childish or crazy. (Did I just stumble upon a great rule to life?…) Have fun!