A lush, vibrant lawn is more than just a pretty picture. It’s a thriving ecosystem teeming with life beneath the surface. But compacted soil and thatch buildup can act like a suffocating blanket, preventing air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass. If this illustration describes your lawn, you need lawn aeration. 

At Westside Grounds, your trusted Colorado landscaping partner, we offer aeration services to meet your needs. We’ll weigh the benefits of liquid aeration vs core aeration to see which method is the most beneficial for you. We understand the unique challenges of our soil and climate and are committed to helping you achieve the healthy and beautiful lawn you deserve.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of creating small channels or pockets in your lawn’s soil to allow vital air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper and reach the roots. Compacted soil and thatch buildup prevent these essential elements from reaching the roots. By breaking through this barrier, aeration promotes the following:

  • Improved root growth,
  • Enhanced water absorption,
  • Better nutrient uptake,
  • Reduced soil compaction, and
  • Thicker, greener grass.

Regularly aerating your lawn can create a stronger, more resilient foundation for your grass, leading to a healthier and more beautiful lawn year after year.

What Are the Two Types of Lawn Aeration?

There are two main methods of lawn aeration. Read on to learn more about the difference between liquid vs. core aeration.

Liquid Aeration

This method involves applying a specially formulated solution to your lawn. The solution contains wetting agents and other ingredients that loosen the soil structure, allowing for better air and water penetration.

Core Aeration

This method uses a specialized machine to remove small plugs of soil from the lawn. These plugs are left on the surface to decompose, creating channels for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil.

Core Aeration vs Liquid Aeration: Which Should I Choose?

Deciding between core aeration and liquid aeration can be confusing, but the best choice for your lawn depends on the situation. Let’s break down when each method is most effective.

When to Choose Core Aeration

Core aeration is the most effective way to break up severe soil compaction. The physical removal of soil plugs creates clear channels for air, water, and nutrients to reach deeper into the root zone.

Similarly, if you have a thick layer of thatch, core aeration helps remove thatch buildup, allowing air and water to reach the soil and grass roots more effectively.

When to Choose Liquid Aeration 

Liquid aeration can reach areas inaccessible to core aeration machines, such as around trees, shrubs, or sprinkler systems. Additionally, liquid aeration doesn’t leave soil plugs on your lawn, making it a cleaner and less disruptive option than core aeration. It can also be done more often than core aeration, making it a better option for routine maintenance.

Questions About Liquid Aeration vs Core Aeration? Contact the Experts at Westside Grounds

Ultimately, the best way to determine the right aeration method for your lawn is to consult with a professional landscaping company. They can assess your soil conditions and recommend the most effective aeration solution for your lawn. 

Westside Grounds was founded 25 years ago in Lakewood, Colorado. Quality, professionalism, and dedication are the principles that drive our continued success. Our lawn care professionals are trained in the latest aeration techniques, so no matter what aeration method you choose, the result will be the same: a green, healthy, and vibrant lawn.

Contact us today and learn how we can get you the lawn you deserve.