As many dog owners know, one of our largest issues with man’s best friend can often be the fact that they are struggling with their dog digging up their lawn. Digging is a very common habit that occurs naturally in dogs, though some breeds may be predisposed to digging while others are reserved. Dog owners who do find their little friend may be predisposed to constant digging may find this pesky habit quite irritating. As much as digging is internally wired in dogs, it can be controlled in a few ways:




Boredom is often the largest cause of digging in most cases. Make sure you have your dog exercise, and often. If you realize that your dog is bored or lonely, you should make sure to play games such as throw, fetch, and ball games can often keep your pet happy and distract its attention from your lawn and digging.

Chew Objects

It will often help your dog’s chewing habit by leading its attention away from the source by providing other objects to entertain them. A knuckle or chewing bone can often help keep your dog away as well as using toys to keep them active and happy.


If you want to lessen the digging habits in your dog, a more professional option is to invest in a training center. Dog care provides your pet with supple opportunities to play with other dogs as well as provide with obedience training that will help your dog understand desired vs undesired habits.


If your dog is outside often, it may be more tempted to dig through your yard. Limit time while ensuring your dog is getting the proper amount of supervised outside time and is able to play while not destroying your lawn.


Here at Westside Grounds Lawn, Inc. while we can’t help train your dog, we are able to repair any damages done. If you or someone you know is in need of a bit of lawn care, contact us today.