Snow Removal in Colorado1As Coloradans, we know exactly how brutal our snow storms can get when Old Man Winter comes knocking on our door steps. And with that, we should know what kind of options we have when it comes to snow removal. When you are a homeowner, you generally live under a certain HOA’s rules and almost all of the time, that includes keeping your driveway and sidewalk clear of snow. Today we’ll talk about different options and how to execute them.

Good ‘Ol Manual Labor

We all know exactly what this means. Breaking out those shovels and going out and manually removing the snow by the handy dandy shovel. This is one of the more common methods used in Colorado. There are different pros and cons to this, of course, and it’s important to evaluate them all. The pros can entail anything from saving the environment, (no using gas, etc.) strengthening your body, and just enjoying being outdoors while the snow pleasantly falls. But of course with pros, there are cons. The cons can include anything from the length of time it takes, possible injuries, and just a general dislike for it. Manual shoveling can work for a family with 5 boys but might be a little more difficult for the single mother. It does get the job done though.

Breaking Out the Machinery

For the lucky few who are able to have one on hand, a snow blower is a fantastic piece of machinery for those who live in states with heavy snowfall. (i.e. Colorado) This, of course, also has it’s pros and cons. Some of those can include faster snow removal, less manual labor (only pushing), and better results. Some of the cons though can vary from expensive machinery, lasts only a certain time, and you have to buy fuel for it. It can be a great option for some though!

Hidden (Literally) Options

A snow removal system that is generally not as well known is the snow melt system. The concept is fairly easy. A heating system is installed in a new or previously installed driveway that has a sensor in it. When the sensor detects below freezing weather or precipitation, it will turn on. And that’s that. You never have to lift a shovel or push a snow blower again. Be warned though, snow melt systems are costly to install but once they are in, they cost only cents to operate.

Who You Gonna Call?

Last but not least, our favorite option, getting help from those who know it best. Hiring a professional snow removal company can have amazing benefits and everything gets down professionally, efficiently, and you never have to lift a finger. Pros are anywhere from a clean, safe driveway and cons can be the cost. There are many great benefits to all of these options though.

Contact Westside Grounds

If you are interested in having a professional snow removal service scheduled for this winter, contact us here at Westside Grounds today! Have a beautiful driveway all winter long without having to do anything yourself.