The Importance of Winterizing Your Sprinkler System1When we hear the words “winterize your sprinkler system” or “sprinkler blow out”, it can often be confusing as to what this actually is and why it is important. Every year before the first freeze, blowing out your sprinkler system should be a priority for any and all irrigation systems that are located in a region, Colorado specifically, where the frost levels can extend below the depth of the installed piping. Why is this important? If there is any water left in your sprinkler pipes, they can freeze, expand, and crack your PVC piping. Though these pipes are often flexible and will generally expand under pressure, any leftover water could potentially freeze and rupture these pipes. Freezing water left in the back flow assembly can damage the internal components and may possible crack the brass body. To minimize any risk of damaging your sprinkler system, you will need to winterize your sprinklers. There are a few different methods but the most common and effective one generally tends to be the blowout.

Why Does This Need to Be Done?

Often many may think, “If it’s underground, how can it freeze?” The answer is quite simple. During long freezing weather, the frost can move deeper into the soil. How deep it goes generally depends on how cold it is and how long it says that temperature. After the temperature begins to rise, the soil will gradually thin out. But it is often wondered how deep can the frost truly go? There is no set answer. While most sprinkler systems are buried between 8-12 inches, you can’t necessarily guess how deep the frost can go. There are many different variables that can affect this. If it’s cold for an extended period of time, the frost will go deeper. If the wind constantly blows on one spot, the frost can go deeper as well. It all just varies and no one knows why but this is why it is important to blow out your sprinklers.

Need Help?

Sometimes winterizing your sprinkler system can be confusing and hard. If you want to turn to a professional, look no further. Here at Westside Grounds we pride ourselves in preparing your sprinkler system for our cold Colorado winters and will be more than happy to help you in this process. Contact us today for more information!