Lawn Care1Keeping a lawn beautiful all year long isn’t necessarily a complicated process but more a process that needs a fine paying attention. It can be easy to keep your grass green and flowers happy all year long if you know the proper care tips and how often to care for your greens. Here are some tips to keep your lawn happy and healthy all year long.

Lawn Care

With the rising temperatures and little rain time to time, water can be a huge determining factor in lawn care. However with underground sprinkler systems, we have a bit of relief. While many of our states hold a certain water ban only allowing you to water on certain days, it can still be possible to make our lawns as beautiful as possible. Just remember that all areas and soils hold their water differently. Various grass types require different types of watering and lawns require irrigation schedule as our seasons change. With that being said, it’s important to listen to your lawn and water is when it tells you that it’s ready. When your grass begins to wilt, it’s time to water. The quantity of water given to a lawn is critical to determining if enough water is applied. Including rainfall, lawns will generally need an inch or two of water per week to truly thrive. Use a rain gauge to determine how much of an extra drink your lawn needs.

Dry Spots

In almost all yards, there can be that irritating “dry spot”, where your sprinklers cannot reach. Make sure to check your sprinkler heads frequently to ensure that your lawn is getting the proper water. If your soil becomes to dry, it can become hydrophobic. This is where the soil where literally repel any sort of water and the water cannot penetrate the soil. If this happens, combine some mild dish soap and water to break the surface and bring back the moisture.

When to Water

The best time to water your lawn is generally early in the morning. Early morning watering ensures that the air is normally calm and evaporation is low. This will allow time to give your lawn the moisture that it needs.

While these are only a few tips, there are many more to know how to keep your lawn beautiful. This can range from irrigation, mowing, aeration, etc. If you have any questions on how to have the most beautiful lawn, contact us today at Westside Grounds to ask about our lawn maintenance specials today!