App developers are coming out with more and more complex apps. There are a lot of applications for the snow season. I am going to share my top 5 weather apps and explain what cool features they have to offer, so you can more easily get ready for a snow storm that is coming your way! Enjoy!

1. Living Earth

  • This is a very unique application. The way it is set up is much different than any other smart phone application. It gives you a globe and you can choose what you want to investigate, whether it is temperature, humidity and much more. It is not just restricted to one city; you can compare your weather to what is happening around the world. It also doubles as a clock, so you can see what time it is in different parts of the country as well.

2. MyRadar Weather Radar

  • This application shows the radar in a specific country and/or state. It is great because you can tell if a snow storm is coming. The great part about this app is that you can also look at what the weather is going to look like for the next 7 days. Also, if a huge storm is coming your way, you can share a radar image to a social media platform and talk about how big a storm is going to be to let others know what is coming.

3. Ski and Snow Report

  • This application is more for fun. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, you can see which mountain has gotten the most snow and decide where you want to ski based on that. This app helps you prepare for the place that has the best amount of snow. I have had this application for years and it has never steered me wrong!

4. The Weather Channel

  • I have also used this application for years. I like it a lot because it shows temperature, but not just for one day. You can look at the temperature many different ways. You can look at current temperature, a 36 hour temperature or a 10 day forecast, as well as hourly. You can also look at a map to determine the radar and see what is coming your way. It has helped plan many trips around snow storms. Since I used to live in Steamboat, I always had to make sure the conditions were right to travel so I did not get myself into an awful snowstorm.

5. AccuWeather

  • This application is a lot like The Weather Channel app, but there are a few things that Accuweather does differently. They have a dial that tells you the speed of the wind. The best part of this app is that there is a section that tells you what the conditions are good for. It tells you what sports are good for the day, what outdoor activities are good for the weather and information about your health needs for the day.

All of these application will prepare you for a snow storm. Whether is for skiing or being prepared for a big snow storm. If you do find yourself having a huge snowstorm, call Westside Grounds Lawn Services for snow removal in Denver and other Front Range areas.

If you have any other application you would recommend, please feel free to comment!