Lawn Care Littleton CO

Having a jungle of weeds is not a good look for your lawn. Neither is having yellow patches scattered throughout your yard. Lawn care and maintenance are vital to a healthy and aesthetically pleasing lawn.

At Westside Grounds, we have over two decades of experience in lawn care and maintenance. Our experts can handle all your Littleton lawn care and landscaping needs. 

Why Is Lawn Care Littleton CO Important?

A beautiful and well-cared-for lawn in Littleton, CO serves many functions, such as the following:

  • Your lawn serves as your home’s perimeter. Your lawn borders your home in the front yard and backyard. It separates your house from the street and your neighbors.
  • Your lawn stands as an entryway into your home. Any guests or neighbors who visit your home will walk through the lawn, probably on a pathway. So you want to make an excellent first impression.  
  • Your lawn adds curb appeal. A beautiful green lawn shows you care about appearances. It also Increases your home’s value, which is vital if you plan on renting or selling your home. 

Therefore, providing high-quality care and maintenance for your lawn is essential. 

What Services Do We Offer? 

At Westside Grounds, our lawn care professionals provide a wide range of services to keep your lawn bright, green, and healthy. Our lawn care services in Littleton, CO, include the following.

Weed Control 

Weed control is an essential component of lawn care. Your lawn can grow from stunningly beautiful to crowded with weeds quickly. At Westside Grounds, our weed control specialists offer practical solutions to eradicate weeds from your lawn and prevent them from reemerging. 

Little CO Lawn Mowing

Grass as tall as one’s knees is not a good look for your lawn. Routine lawn mowing keeps your grass at a healthy length and prevents it from growing too tall. While lawn mowing is a DIY activity, it is more complicated than it seems. The frequency of lawn mowing depends on the time of year. The same is true with how long your grass should be. 

Our lawn-mowing experts will provide you with unparalleled, high-quality lawn-mowing services. We will keep your lawn healthy and trimmed and save you a lot of time.

Lawn Aeration 

The purpose of lawn aeration is to allow more water and nutrients into your lawn’s soil. Aeration is done by digging holes into the soil. The holes enable your lawn’s roots to absorb more water and nutrients. This makes the lawn more attractive and robust.

Lawns should be aerated at least once, if not twice a year. We can develop a personalized aeration plan for your lawn. 


Adding fertilizer promotes your lawn’s health. The nutrients in the fertilizer provide nourishment for your lawn. And a fertilized lawn is less likely to be infected by disease or bothered by pests.

Sod Installation

Whether you need to replace patches of unhealthy lawn or redo your entire lawn, sod installation may be a good option for you. We can help you decide which type of sod is the best for your lawn.

Sprinkler Repair

Your lawn needs a healthy dose of water to stay green and healthy. If your sprinkler system is broken or not working correctly, this can seriously affect the water supply to your lawn. Our landscape technicians at Westside Grounds understand how these devices operate. Upon inspection, we can identify the problem and repair your sprinkler system to restore water flow to your lawn.

Insect Control 

Having insects burrowing their way into your lawn’s soil or buzzing around your yard can be annoying. This can also be very unattractive when you have guests over. And unwanted pests can be harmful to your lawn.

After inspecting your lawn, we will formulate a plan that will eliminate these pesky critters. We use safe and humane pest control plans to ensure these pests stay away from your lawn.


Overseeding is an excellent way to fill in those empty patches in your lawn. Seeds are planted over those bare areas so new grass can grow. This enhances the beauty of your lawn. More grass makes your lawn thicker and greener.

Disease & Fungus Control 

Diseases and fungus can take root in lawns and cause significant damage. Our lawn care team has extensive experience identifying various diseases and fungi that infect lawns in Colorado. We will treat your lawn and prevent any further outbreak of disease or fungus.

Need Professional Lawn Care Littleton CO? Contact Westside Grounds

You never have to deal with lawn care and maintenance again. At Westside Grounds, we can help with your lawn care in Littleton, CO. Since 1999, we have served the residents and businesses of Colorado. Our reliable and professional services have earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  

Our lawn care professionals will inspect your lawn and explain the options you have to improve your lawn’s appearance and health. Contact Westside Grounds now and speak with one of our representatives about your lawn care needs.