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In Golden, CO, snow removal is a necessity. Westside Grounds specializes in more than just lawn care, we also specialize in helping households with their snow removal. Whether you need snow removed from your driveway, patio, sidewalk, roof, and/or your porch, Westside Grounds is here to help. Our professionals have been removing snow from homes for almost 15 years. Because we have been in business so long, we have amazing customer service and many skills that allow us to remove snow efficiently and safely.

Sometimes the snowfall can reach up to 12 inches or more in Golden, CO, as well as freezing temperatures. We have trained professionals that are well versed in our tools and technology, so that they may successfully clear residential streets. In addition to plowing the streets, Westside Grounds may also apply anti-icer or de-icer to the roads to improve the conditions. We take that extra step to keep you and your family safe in Golden, CO and other surrounding areas.

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