How to keep a water fountain clean

Keep a water fountain clean by trimming greenery, checking the water pump regularly, using a fountain cover, keeping the water on, and using water care products.

A water fountain can be an excellent addition to your landscape. It adds beauty and serenity, creating an inviting atmosphere.

But a water fountain is outside. It can get messy from debris, wildlife, and time. And a dirty water fountain affects the perception of your entire landscape.

You may wonder how to keep a water fountain clean. The professional landscapers at Westside Grounds have experience with the latest cleaning techniques and hdow to maintain the fountain’s integrity.

Read on for some tips on how to keep an outdoor fountain water clean.

Strategies to Keep Your Water Fountain Clean

The following strategies are ones you can follow to maintain your fountain.

Trim Greenery Around Your Fountain

Style is important. You may have decorated the perimeter of your fountain with trees or hedges. Routine trimming ensures leaves and foliage do not fall into the water.

Check the Water Pump

Always ensure that the water pump is operating efficiently. Look for any signs of trouble, such as low water pressure or strange noises. These may be signs that the pump is malfunctioning. Contact Westside Grounds, and we will send out one of our experts to identify and correct the issue.

One technique for cleaning the pump is using a mixture of water and vinegar. This method can help route out any blockages to prevent a water backup.

Use a Fountain Cover

Debris can easily get into your fountain. Sometimes it’s just nature. You can help prevent the build-up by putting a cover over your fountain. 

A cover is essential on windy, rainy, or snowy days. Leaves and nearby debris will find their way into your fountain. Having a cover will protect it.

Also, if insects are present, especially mosquitos, consider using a cover over your fountain. It will keep water-loving bugs away.

Keep the Water On

Nonmoving water attracts bugs, which are unsightly and a nuisance. Nonmoving water also creates a hospitable environment for algae to grow.

Use Water Care Products

A vital tactic to keep fountain water clean is to use water care products. These products can help prevent algae buildup in your fountain.

Choosing the right product is essential, especially if you have pets that roam the landscape where the fountain is located. Our specialists can help you choose the best one.

Watch the Fountain’s Water Level

Don’t let your fountain’s water levels get too low. Check on the levels regularly. 

Low water levels can cause the pump to malfunction and cause maintenance problems. Also, if the pump is not submerged, it can overheat, especially under the hot summer sun. Water can evaporate in the heat as well. 

Clean the Water Fountain

Don’t let debris and grime invade your water fountain. The more often you clean your fountain, the easier the clean-up will be each time. You don’t want algae and dirt to coat your fountain’s surface. Follow these steps to clean your fountain:

  • Remove any plants or decorations around your fountain,
  • Empty the water of your fountain,
  • Clean the fountain with soap and a brushing tool,
  • Clean the pump,
  • Put the water back into your fountain, and
  • Put the plants and decorations back.

At Westside Grounds, you can schedule routine maintenance, where one of our specialists will come to your home and clean your water fountain. 

Algae Maintenance

Algae are aquatic organisms mainly found in marine environments. Algae commonly grow in water fountains, especially if the fountain is improperly maintained. You probably think of green algae, but they can also be red or brown.

To control algae and prevent them from invading your water, you can use special products and clean your fountain often to avoid excessive growth. You can also consider having certain aquatic plants in your fountain. These plants feed off the same nutrients as algae, thus inhibiting algae growth by taking its food source.

What Can Westside Grounds Do to Help?

Our expertise extends well beyond knowing how to keep a fountain clean. We offer a variety of lawn care and landscape construction services, including the following:

Our dedicated workers are also determined to promote lawn and landscape maintenance. They will return to your property to ensure all structures function correctly and care for the greenery.

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We have operated in the Denver and Lakewood areas since 1999. Our professionals are well-versed in the latest landscaping designs and techniques. We want your lawn to be a combination of comfort, style, and creativity. At Westside Grounds, we are dedicated to designing and constructing the landscape you always wanted. 

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