Denver & Lakewood Commercial Hedge & Tree Trimming

Commercial tree trimming services are essential for your business. There’s nothing worse than having your business sign blocked by overgrown tree branches or having the entrance covered by untamed hedges. 

You need to make an excellent first impression with your customers or clients. Because it’s the first thing they’ll see, your landscaping must be flawless. So if you want to make the best possible first impression, you need a professional lawn and landscaping service. Look no further than Westside Grounds.

Westside Grounds has served the Denver and Lakewood communities since 1991. We understand local businesses. Our commercial landscaping professionals can handle all your needs, including design, installation, and maintenance.

Contact us and speak with one of our representatives now. We will happily explain your landscaping options so you can make a fully informed decision about the next steps. 

What Commercial Hedge Services Do We Offer?

While DIY hedge and bush trimming is popular, we know it can be tricky. And you’re too busy running your business to go outside and trim those pesky hedges. At Westside Grounds, our experienced landscapers will utilize proper trimming techniques, like the following.


Shearing is a process by which we cut off the plant’s edges and make them even. This helps the plant grow because when it’s too thick, sunlight cannot reach the inside of a hedge or bush. Shearing the edges, along with pruning, allows sunlight to penetrate inside the plant.


We prune your plants by removing any dead, fallen, or overgrown branches and twigs. This helps promote growth and prevent branches from falling and injuring someone.


Without proper shearing and pruning, a hedge tends to grow wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. This is problematic because the top half of the hedge blocks the lower half from the sun, which, therefore, causes the bottom to create fewer leaves and look sickly. 

Therefore, to allow sunlight to penetrate the entire hedge, they should be shaped wider on the bottom and more narrow at the top.

What Other Plant Care Services Do We Offer?

At Westside Grounds, we offer a holistic approach to commercial bush trimming and tree trimming. We don’t just trim your greenery. We also provide the following commercial services.

Lawn and Landscape Care

Keeping your landscape bright and lively helps your business make a lasting, positive impression. At Westside Grounds, we won’t stop at trimming your trees, hedges, and bushes. Your plants must be exposed to sunlight, get the right amount of water, and sufficiently absorb nutrients in the soil. Services we provide for this include the following:

  • Fertilization,
  • Lawn aeration,
  • Overseeding, and
  • Mulch delivery and spreading.

We’ll work hard to bring your landscape vision to life.

Insect Control

Insects and other pests can be damaging to your trees and hedges. And if your customers see such unwanted pests, they may formulate a bad impression of your business before they even meet you. Or, they may choose another business that looks more attractive and well-kept.

Our pest control specialists at Westside Grounds will identify any pest problems your business may have. We will then formulate a plan to eradicate any pests and insects from your premises and develop a maintenance plan to keep them away.

Disease and Fungus Control

Discoloration and an unseemly appearance are symptoms of a diseased plant, and this appearance makes them very unattractive. They can ruin the entire atmosphere and vibe of your landscape. Furthermore, a diseased plant can easily infect the plants around them. Without the proper treatment, your hedges or bushes can all fall to an infection and kill your business’s beautiful landscape.

Our professional landscapers have the latest training in plant care. They can easily spot infections in your plants, identify the type of infection, and take control of the situation before it spreads to nearby plants. Fungus is the main culprit of plant infections. Once identified, most infections are easy for our landscapers to treat. The experts at Westside Grounds will work hard to control disease outbreaks to ensure your plants stay healthy.

How Often Do My Hedges and Trees Need to Be Trimmed?

How often your hedges and trees need to be trimmed depends on the type of plant and its environment. For example, if your greenery grows fast, we recommend trimming services multiple times a year. It all depends on your particular circumstances.

Some plants grow faster than others, and some are harder to tame than others. Our trimming professionals will develop a customized plan for your business’s landscape.

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