Fire pits can create a beautiful and comforting environment, whether it’s for entertainment, romance, or a social gathering.

Additional enhancements and upgrades to your landscape have never been easier with the professional landscapers at Westside Grounds. Our team of specialists will take the time to design your Denver fire pit based on your specifications. 

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What Is a Fire Pit?

Fire pit in denver

A fire pit is an outdoor structure with a fire in the center. Think of it like having a campfire in your backyard. Fire pits are usually a couple of feet off the ground. 

Though you can put them anywhere around your landscape, most people build them in their backyard. 

Unlike a fireplace, there is no chimney. Fire pits are usually circular, though a rectangular shape is also popular.

What Are Fire Pits Made Of?

Fire pits can be made of different materials, such as:

  • Concrete,
  • Stone,
  • Brick,
  • Steel, or
  • Iron.

Our landscaping professionals can help you determine the best material for your landscape design.

What Are the Types of Fire Pits?

There are two types of fire pits: a gas-burning fire pit and a wood-burning fire pit. Choose the one that best fits your situation by considering these factors:

  • Maintenance. A gas-burning fire pit is generally easier to maintain as there is little clean-up. Maintenance for a wood-burning fire pit is more involved because you have to clean up the ashes and debris from the burning wood.
  • Character. While both are beautiful, wood-burning fire pits look more natural, like a campfire. Gas-burning fire pits may seem more artificial.
  • Safety. The primary safety risk with wood-burning fire pits is the live fire, whereas gas leaks are the concern for gas-burning fire pits. Our professionals will educate you on the safety tips for whichever fire pit you choose.
  • Cost. Wood-burning fire pits are generally cheaper than gas-burning fire pits. However, the size of the fire pit and its material also affect cost.

Our experienced landscapers can explain the pros and cons of each fire pit to help you determine the best for your landscape.

What Are the Benefits of a Fire Pit?

Having a fire pit on your property has many benefits, including the following.


Too cold outside? Not anymore. With a fire pit, you can enjoy the winter months outside. A fire pit can warm the surrounding area, allowing you and your family to enjoy outside activities even in the cold.

Illuminates the Night

Outdoor fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. A fire pit can help light your landscape at night. Using the fire as a light can help save on your electricity bill because you won’t have to leave so many outside lights on.

Promotes a Welcoming Atmosphere

Like a fireplace inside a home, a fire pit creates a warm and comfortable environment. It provides a soothing atmosphere where you can relax alone or enjoy the company of friends and family.

Enhances Your Landscape

A fire pit can add character to any landscape. It doesn’t have to be big or lavishly extravagant. A fire pit creates diversity and style on your property.

Increases Property Value

Fire pits also can increase your property value. Property value may be important to you if you plan on selling or renting your property in the future.

Acts as a Gathering Place

A fire pit can be a perfect gathering for family and friends. You can talk, play games, or enjoy each other’s company. Think of the marshmallows you can roast together!

You can also host work social gatherings around your fire pit and show your beautiful backyard to all your colleagues.

Low Maintenance

Fire pits can last for a long time, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

At Westside Grounds, our specialists do routine fire pit maintenance and can give you tips on caring for your fire pit in between our routine checkups.

How Much Will a Fire Pit in Denver Cost Me?

It depends on the type of fire pit you choose, its size, and the complexity of your landscape. At Westside Grounds, we offer various types of financing. So, no matter your budget, we’ll do our best to help you find a design and payment schedule that fits your budget.

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