Retaining walls are a stunning feature to add to your landscape. They provide functional support to your greenery and add to your landscape’s elegance. One of their most important purposes is drainage. 

Retaining wall drainage helps control water flow around your property. At Westside Grounds, our specialists can help you construct your retaining wall to maximize its benefits. Read on to learn more about the importance of a retaining wall and whether you need one.

What Is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a structure composed of certain materials that surround your property or a portion of it. Think of it like an actual wall that encloses your yard or a tree or flower bed.

The main function of a retaining wall is to help with water flow on your property. Material for a retaining wall can be concrete, stone, bricks, or timber.

Why Is Retaining Wall Drainage Important?

The following are benefits that demonstrate the importance of proper water drainage.

Assist in Water Absorption

Water flow is imperative to any landscape. Trees, flowers, and other greenery cannot thrive without water. By controlling water distribution, proper drainage can help all the greenery on your property get enough water to survive.

Prevent Soil Erosion

If water moves downhill toward the retaining wall, without proper drainage, the soil will loosen and erode. This erosion can cause serious issues. The wall may give out. You can cause damage to a neighbor’s property or traffic (if your home is below a street). You might also injure people if they are close.

Property drainage prevents water from flowing to the bottom of the wall, preventing soil erosion.

Control Water Distribution

Water will run toward the bottom if your property is on uneven ground. Proper drainage ensures even water distribution.

Control Insect Population

Many insects, such as mosquitoes, are attracted to open water. The water serves as a breeding ground for these insects. Proper water drainage allows for water distribution and may prevent the water from pooling in one spot. Therefore, insects are deterred from swarming your property.

Prevent the Buildup of Moisture

Water can cause moisture to build up near your home. If there is too much moisture, the ground beneath your home may weaken or even sink. This problem may cause damage to the structure of your home’s foundation.

Avoid Fungus Growth

Like insects, fungi thrive in a moist environment. If water does not flow properly, it may create conditions conducive to fungus growth. Proper water drainage can prevent fungus growth on your lawn.

How Does a Retaining Wall Help with Drainage?

Some retaining walls allow water to seep through. These retaining walls don’t need any additions to allow for proper water flow. However, solid retaining walls (like concrete) need additional assistance.

With these walls, we will install a retaining wall drain outlet. A French drain behind a retaining wall is an example.

Do I Need to Hire a Landscaping Company to Build a Retaining Wall?

Technically, no. Many DIY online websites explain how to construct a retaining wall on your property. However, we do not recommend that. Building a retaining wall is a time-consuming project with several burdensome steps to overcome. A DIY project may also be expensive and make you go over your budget.

A mistake can cause a crack in the retaining wall. Or there may be a defect in the retaining wall drain pipe. These mistakes can also be costly.

Westside Grounds has operated since 1999. From the design to the construction of your retaining wall, we will stay with you every step of the way. We have the knowledge required to choose the best material for your retaining wall based on your landscape, and we know how to install a retaining wall drain if needed.

Contact our retaining wall experts at Westside Grounds. We can examine your landscape and explain how a retaining wall can benefit your property.

How Long Can a Retaining Wall Last?

A retaining wall should last a lifetime. Maintenance is low. However, you should schedule regular maintenance and checkups to ensure no structural defects exist.

At Westside Grounds, after we install your retaining wall, we will set up a maintenance schedule for your retaining wall that fits your landscaping needs and budget. 

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