Aurora, Colorado, boasts beautiful weather year-round, with hot and sunny summer months and cold and snowy winter months. No matter the season, you don’t want to spend your days cooped inside your home. 

You can spend your time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air if you have a beautiful landscape. The Aurora landscaping experts at Westside Grounds can help transform your dream landscape into a gorgeous, picturesque scenery. Contact us today, and learn more about our Aurora landscaping services.

What Types of Landscaping Services Does Westside Grounds Offer?

At Westside Grounds, we want you to have a brilliant, healthy landscape. Read on to learn more about the landscape and maintenance services we offer.

Sod Installation

Do you see lots of empty or dead patches on your lawn? Do you have a party coming up and need your lawn to look perfect fast? 

Sod installation may be a good option for you. Sod is grass that has already grown. It looks like a carpet. Our lawn care experts will come to your home and roll out the sod over your lawn.

The sod then roots itself into your ground. It’ll look just like natural grass!


Mulching refers to covering your lawn with organic material. Mulching has various benefits, including the following:

  • Promoting the absorption of nutrients,
  • Preventing the loss of water in the ground,
  • Keeping greenery warm, 
  • Boosting soil fertility, and
  • Controlling weed growth.

Common mulch material consists of leaves, wood chips, straw, and compost. 

Lawn Care

Nothing says beautiful landscape like a vast, green lawn. Our lawn care specialists know all the tricks to help your lawn thrive and keep nuisances away. We’ll help eradicate dead patches on your lawn and ensure adequate absorption of water and nutrients.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Healthy green colors on your landscape look wonderful. But adding pinks, oranges, blues, and yellows to it creates a landscape that comes alive. Flower beds provide beauty and radiance to your property. 

We can help you with various types of flowers, including repopulating your landscape with native Colorado flowers.


Autumn is a beautiful season. The weather is still warm, though not as scorching as in the summer. Slowly, it begins to cool, ushering in the holiday season. From back to school to Halloween to Thanksgiving, autumn is one of the most recognizable times of the year,

It’s also when those pesky leaves change color and fall off the trees. While those painted leaves are beautiful, finding them on your landscape is not.

At Westside Grounds, our professionals will clean this mess and allow you to enjoy your landscape leaf-free.

Nuisance Control

Your landscape may have a breathtaking and homey atmosphere that you love. Unfortunately, others might love it, too. At Westside Grounds, we offer the following services to take care of unwanted friends.

  • Pest control. No one wants bugs like mosquitoes and ants plaguing their landscape. We offer premier pest control services to ensure creepy crawlers and flyers do not make a home on your landscape.
  • Weed control. Weeds can suffocate your lawn, flowers, and other plants by stealing water and nutrients. Our services will eliminate these parasites to allow your plants to flourish.
  • Fungus control. Fungi thrive in moist environments and can take over your landscape very quickly. Our experts will identify the species of fungus and develop a treatment plan.

Our professionals will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure proper control and prevent these unwanted annoyances.

Landscape Construction

We also offer construction and installation services for your landscape. Landscape isn’t just about the flowers and trees you plant, which is called softscaping. You can also construct structures around your landscape, which is called hardscaping.

Different types of hardscaping to decorate your landscape include the following:

Our hardscaping specialists can help you add character to your landscape. Tell us your ideas, and we’ll put them into action.

Environmental-Friendly Landscaping

At Westside Grounds, we love nature. We support and promote landscaping designs that protect the Colorado environment. There are many landscaping techniques we can use, including the following:

Let our specialists know about your preferences, and we’ll design the landscape you and the environment will love.

Contact Westside Grounds for Premier Landscaping in Aurora

Westside Grounds was founded in 1999 in Lakewood, Colorado. We always strive for excellence. Our uniformed landscaping crew knows how to design and construct various landscaping ideas and is trained in equipment use and maintenance. 

We offer different financing options, so there’s no need to worry about the cost. We help residents of all budgets find the right landscaping design.

Want to start creating a landscape that will be the highlight of your neighborhood? Contact a representative at Westside Grounds today.