Beautiful flower beds add life and vibrancy to your home. They can make you the envy of the whole neighborhood. But a beautiful flower bed does not happen by itself. You need professional flower bed maintenance to ensure the health and prosperity of your flowers.

Our flower bed maintenance experts know how to handle your flower beds. Westside Grounds was founded almost 25 years ago, in 1999. Since then, we have served Denver and the surrounding communities and have gained a reputation for honesty and reliability.

Services Designed for You

At Westside Grounds, we know every landscape is different, so we don’t employ a one-size-fits-all maintenance plan. Our landscaping professionals will take the time to understand your landscape and flower beds. We’ll investigate the following:

  • The type of soil, 
  • The amount of rainfall your area receives,
  • Your home’s elevation, 
  • The amount of sun that hits your flowers, and
  • The types of plants and flowers in your flower bed. 

We will take these factors and formulate a plan unique to the maintenance of your flower bed.  

Manage Plant and Flower Health

Nobody wants to see lifeless and shriveled flowers in their flower bed. You want your flowers to be bright and attractive. That’s why the health of the plants and flowers in your flower bed is so important. 

If your flower bed lacks care, conditions conducive to fungal growth may set in. For example, if excessive moisture builds up in the soil, this can be a breeding ground for fungi. 

Our experts know how to prevent fungi from growing in your flower beds. They will decide which fungicide will most effectively ward off fungi. And based on the extent of your fungus problem, we may make multiple visits to ensure the fungus is eradicated from your flower bed and won’t come back.

Prevent Weed Growth

Weeds are another nuisance. Weeds are opportunistic plants that can cause devastation in your flower bed. Common characteristics of weeds include the following:

  • Grow fast. Weeds are problematic to get rid of once they appear. They grow fast and can take over your flower bed quickly.  
  • Hinder the growth of other plants and flowers. Weeds can steal the nutrients from other plants in the flower bed. They may also block the sun for your flowers and plants, stunting their growth.
  • Be poisonous. Some weeds are poisonous to humans and pets. This makes them dangerous to have near your home.

At Westside Grounds, our experienced landscapers will employ modern, industry-approved methods to remove weeds from your flower bed. Furthermore, they will also construct a plan to prevent weeds from returning.

Professional Selection

Our landscaping experts can help you design your flower bed to fit your style and preferences.

Your flower bed should look life-like and attractive. You want the flowers and plants in your flower bed to complement each other.

We will explain the different types of flowers to you. Specific flowers and plants may not grow well next to each other. Certain flowers are seasonal, while others are annual. We will design a flower bed that will enhance your landscape’s beauty all year.

Flower Bed Edging

Edging around your flower bed creates a balanced and clean look for your landscape. Edging is a barrier that separates different sections of your landscape. It serves many functions that improve your flower bed.

On one hand, edging separates certain landscape sections from each other. For example, the flowers can be enclosed by themselves rather than blend in with the grass or shrubbery.

Edging can also offer protection for the flower beds. For example, a stone flower bed edging or concrete flower bed edging can protect your flowers from the lawn mower.

Watering System

Your flower beds need water to thrive, and we can help you set up a flower bed watering system. We can also help you choose the proper method to water your flower bed based on your flowers. You may need a certain type of sprinkler system. We can help with it all.

Our specialists at Westside Grounds can also help you maintain this system to ensure it works.

Continued Maintenance

We won’t just come once to fix your flower bed and never return. Our experts will develop a plan for your flower bed. We will tailor the specifics to your flower bed, ensuring your plants have everything they need to prosper. 

Flower Bed Maintenance Service Near Me  

Having a sensational flower bed can enhance the value of your home and boost your home’s curb appeal. If you need professional flower bed maintenance, contact Westside Grounds. We are committed to providing every client with professional service and creative designs. Our professional landscapers are trained in the newest and most effective flower bed maintenance techniques.

Enhance your flower bed’s health today and speak to a representative at Westside Grounds.