Did your last DIY project not go to plan?

While DIY projects have increased in popularity and tout themselves as cost-effective alternatives, sometimes DIY can be more expensive in the long run. This can certainly be the case for expansive landscaping projects. 

You may wonder, should I hire someone to install sod? The answer is yes. There are significant cost advantages that come with hiring a professional for sod installation.

At Westside Grounds, you don’t just pay for our services with our sod installation cost. You pay for our excellence and experience.

Professional Sod Installation Cost Advantages

Sometimes, professionals do it better. Read on to learn more about pro sod installation cost advantages.


There are many different types of sod you can choose from. Without any knowledge of the market, it’ll be difficult. For example, different sods thrive in hot and cold climates. You also have to make sure any plants and flowers, if any, will be compatible with the sod.

If you choose the wrong type of sod, you will have to buy more sod and correct the issue. A sod professional can choose the right sod the first time around, saving you the sod lawn installation cost to correct the mistake.

Superior Sod

You can buy sod anywhere, including the internet. But how do you know what brand to get? 

Not all sod is good quality. Weeds and insects can plague low-quality sod. 

Some companies have a long lag time between cutting the sod and delivering it. The longer the time, the higher chance the sod becomes damaged and does not take root. 

Be confident that a Westside Grounds sod expert will install high-quality sod from a reputable company.


Handling and installing sod can be a complicated process. You must do the following:

  • Clear debris from the soil,
  • Smooth the soil,
  • Measure your lawn for the sod, 
  • Lay out the sod,
  • Verify there is enough irrigation for the sod, and
  • Ensure the sod roots.

If you do not accurately measure and cut the sod, your lawn may have holes. Holes are not only unsightly but can be a breeding ground for weeds. If the sod is too long, there may be bumps, which can be a safety hazard. An experienced professional can ensure that each step of the process is completed and that the sod is laid correctly.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Sod professionals will maintain the sod efficiently and correctly because of their vast experience and knowledge in the field. This will help reduce costs associated with fixing or redoing sod issues.


Your time is invaluable. You can’t put a price tag on it. It may take you a long time trying to install the sod. And it’ll take more time to maintain, mow, and water it. An expert can handle the installation and maintenance more efficiently and in less time. 

Why Choose Westside Grounds?

We have been a leader in high-quality and professional landscaping services for 25 years. In addition to sod installation, our specialists offer many more services for your landscaping needs.

Lawn Services

Our lawn professionals are proficient in various techniques that enhance your lawn’s appearance and health, including aeration and mulch.

If you want to design a gorgeous lawn or need help polishing your existing lawn, contact our lawn care professionals.

Lawn Protection

No one wants to see insects, weeds, or fungal infections decimate their lawns and greenery. Westside Grounds offers routine weed, pest, and fungal treatment services. Our mission is to cure your greenery of insects, weeds, and fungi and ensure they don’t return.

Landscape Construction

There are many hardscape landscaping services we provide. Maybe you’re looking for an outdoor dining section. For this, we can arrange the installation of fire pits or an outdoor kitchen. 

Or you may be looking for more relaxation space. We can install sitting areas and outdoor lighting to make your outdoor area suitable for entertaining guests and relaxing at any time of the day or night.

We can also install retaining walls, stone pathways, patios, and more!

Our construction specialists work with you to get the most out of your space.

Maintenance Services

When your lawn and landscape are complete, we’ll help you keep them beautiful, clean, and functional all year round. 

We’ll make sure your greenery is well-watered and nurtured. Are there any issues with your outdoor appliances, structures, and fixtures? We’ll take care of it.

We also offer a variety of other landscaping services, including the following:

We’ll work with you to develop a maintenance plan tailored to your schedule and landscaping needs.

Contact Westside Grounds for Our Premier Landscaping Services

Since 1999, the residents of Denver and Lakewood have trusted us to care for their landscapes. Our expertise and love for nature resonates in everything we do.

If you want professional work done by professionals, contact us at Westside Grounds and learn about our sod installation and other landscaping services.